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0000975GeoSetterImage Datapublic2014-01-18 02:34
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0000975: Interpolate plus Adjust Time = GPS Location Errors
DescriptionIn GPS Synch screen, setting Interpolation and also doing an Additional Time Adjustment can cause GPS coordinates to be corrupted. Changing the Time offset will make different files show bad GPS locations.

This creates additional problems in later location text lookup operations.

Additional InformationWith no Time offset and use of exact location, all photos are shown to be at the same GPS location (tripod was not moved). Adding a time offset of 3 minutes shows differing GPS data being assigned to the files (this may be legitimate as the shown files were near the end of a shoot and I walked to the car and drove away). The GPS tracking device (my cell phone) was attached to my waist, not to the camera/tripod so may have some variations. The actual difference between camera and PC is +2 minutes setting.

Photos were taken with rapid fire so note the repeating same time across multiple photos. This may relate to interpolation calculation issues. My second yellow arrow (in image file results.jpg) may be indicating a divide by zero or infinity calculation result?

The working files were a 137Mbyte zip file to recreate this issue. The upload failed. I reduced the image size in Photoshop and it appears GeoSetter acts similar (if not the same). The issue should be reproducible with this set of files. You may or may not get the same results as I did at +3 minutes offset but playing with offset and Interpolation should recreate the issue with the smaller files I will attempt to upload. Try +2 and ignore the results image which is included as my screen copy.
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