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0000977GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-10-28 19:57
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Summary0000977: "file already exists" error
DescriptionRunning geosetter over a set of images it fails to complete SAVING the changes.

The error message is almost always "file already exists".

My suspecting is that geosetter gets confused by processing several images in parallel.

Full description:,4297.0/all.html?PHPSESSID=191bdc3a1346fbb39a1a5ed21b0fb251

I am the one mentioned by Phil here:

boardhead (reporter)
2012-08-08 14:24

May be related to:
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2012-10-28 19:57

reporter   ~0001869

Re-test Geosetter 3.4.16, ExifTool 9.03: same failure, plus one additional message after CTRL-S:

"It took 2 tries to rename C:/temp/FOLDER/SPA53794.JPG"

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