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0000993GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-10-24 16:18
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Summary0000993: Loss of image editing data
DescriptionImage type: DNG
Sources: Version of Vuescan, saved as Adobe DNG or from camera, acquired through Adobe Bridge and converted to DNG as part of that process.
Problem: If I edit the images in Adobe Camera Raw (my preferred image editor) BEFORE I add geotagging data with Geosetter, then when I add the geotag, the editing data, stored in an xmp sidecar file, is lost, or at least is no longer readable. If I geotag first, then edit, all data (both geotag and image edits) are retained.

Particularly with scanned old images, it is often useful to edit the image so that informative data about the location can be more readily seen, aiding the geotagging process.
Additional InformationI have prepared several examples, contained in the attached zip file (image quality is terrible to stay within size limits)
Slide...0057 is original as scanned
Slide...0057 ACRonly has been edited (WB distorted) in Camera raw
Slide...0057 ACR_first was treated as ACRonly, but then had geotagging info manually added with Geosetter
Slide...0057 ACR_second was geotagged at the same time and then subsequently edited in ACR as for ACRonly
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2012-10-07 12:28

reporter   ~0001863

I have done some further experimentation on this problem. It occurs when I direct Geosetter to write data to sidecar .xmp files, not when it writes directly to the image. However, as I tend to use Geosetter, iMatch, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw as my image capture/edit/cataloging suite, I thought I should have consistency in how the image data was handled and it seemed that having it in sidecar files provided the greatest interchangeability of image metadata between these applications. Is this assumption correct?

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