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0000104GeoSetterImage Datapublic2008-01-31 20:13
Reporterbabar Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2.4 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.2.5 release 
Summary0000104: XMP data are not properly synchronised from iptc
DescriptionHello, Here are 2 photos:
the original and the one edited with geosetter.
I do not know if the issue come from exiftool or geosetter, as an error comes back from exiftool (cf third attachement)
It seems that only part of the iptc comments are copied to XMP
plus all "Enter"(line jump) are replaced by"..."
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2008-01-06 15:27

administrator   ~0000220

There's only one attachment. Can you please send me the three files to


2008-01-06 15:33

reporter   ~0000221

to reproduce just open the original photo, and modify one of the iptc parameters other than the one existing. (for example add a value for "credit")
and save.
->an error appears
-> the image is modified nonetheless but the software does not know about it.


2008-01-06 15:47

reporter   ~0000222

I am wondering if all that come from the newline tat are in my original iptc comments.
I noticed that the exif tool version used by geaosetter was 7.03 and found that following change for version 7.04:
-Added ability to insert a newline using "$/" in a print format string


2008-01-06 15:48

administrator   ~0000223

I see... the proble are the quotation marks. I'll fix it. But where do you see that line breaks will be replaced by "..."? I think ExifTool replaces line breaks with "." only for viewing.


2008-01-06 15:52

reporter   ~0000224

Ok I understand, I suppose I have several line break.
Thank you very much


2008-01-06 21:16

administrator   ~0000225

As I said already, the problem has been caused by quotes in data text. I fixed it, but ExifTool still has a small bug for its own: Adding keywords containig quotes is possible, but it isn't possible to remove them again.

Phil Harvey (ExifTool) told me, that he'll fix it in version 7.10


2008-01-27 12:40

reporter   ~0000337

Last edited: 2008-01-27 12:47

I have no more error messages but the comments field are truncated ( I suppose it would be the same for other fields such as title or special instructions,...).
I suppose this could come from the quotqion mark a gain. That is why I reopened that issue.
I attach a picture of the iptc-xmp comments in geosetter and in an other software so you can see the differences in the comments.
we can notice 2 things:
-the first quotation mark before -- ocean -- has disappeared
-the rest of the comment after -- ocean -- has also disappeared.
Best regards
PS: you should be able to use the previously uploaded original photo , it is the one I used to check that problem.


2008-01-27 14:48

administrator   ~0000338

Unfortunately I can't reproduce it here. In the attachement "babar_comment.jpg" you can see that I inserted "xxxx" into the comment, saved it, and still the quotation marks exist.

Will they be deleted after saving with GeoSetter, or don't you see them already before saving? If you see them first, and then after saving the're deleted, please send me a screenshot of the save report. because I can't reproduce it with the image attached already, it would perhaps help if you can send me the image in which you don't see the quotation marks anymore.


2008-01-27 14:50

administrator   ~0000339

Please send me also a screenshot of your JPEG-Settings in GeoSetter ("R├Ęglages | File Options", select first entry).


2008-01-27 16:41

reporter   ~0000340

Which report do you mean?
I tried to reproduce it with the photo I uploaded last time and could not but I do reproduce it with the photos I have. I suppose it comes from what last version of geosetter did change.
It looks like geosetter is showing iptc data while Itag (other software) display the xmp data, hence the difference. So I suppose we can close that bug. Sorry for reopening it.
I will however upload you a photo where you can check it and my settings.
I suppose it could be interesting for synchronisation issues?


2008-01-28 19:19

administrator   ~0000344

GeoSetter loads both, IPTC and XMP data. If a data field is availabele in both, then GeoSetter takes it from XMP. In "Nigeria lagos 03.JPG" the IPTC data contains the quotation marks but XMP data doesn't. Maybe you're right that this has been caused by the last version of GeoSetter before fixing the quotation mark problem, I'm sorry. Are you familiar with the command line? Then it would be possible to copy the correct IPTC description field to its corresponding XMP field.


2008-01-28 23:59

reporter   ~0000348

Great do not worry for my photos, I have only used geosetter for testing purposes so far and not for production yet (I lost once all my exif/iptc tags on 5000 photo with adobe, since then I am very cautious before using a new software :) )
However this problem may have unveiled another problem
Open the last photo that I uploaded
change any of the xmp data except the comments
-> you will see then that IPTC comments are updated with the xmp field value.
I would expect only the field that I changed to be updated.
Is there a reason for updating the other fields as well. Isn't it also solwing done things?

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