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0001058GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001058: Map displays blank image
DescriptionI recently developed a problem with the map function Geosetter (v. 3.4.16 build 2119 ) running on a Windows 8 laptop. Upon opening map via “Control M” command it is blank and says “We are sorry but we don’t have imagery at this zoom level for this region. Try zooming out for a broader view.” However the zoom in/out level slide icon is also missing on the map so can’t zoom out (nor is there a zoom out option control found in the map menu bar). Selecting different images also are not displayed in a map window. Selecting different map types also gives same result. Closing the program or uninstalling/reinstalling the program doesn’t help fix this map image error.
Additional InformationAttaching a file of what the displayed map looks like.
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2013-09-05 08:00


Geosetter Map Issue.JPG (63,587 bytes)
Geosetter Map Issue.JPG (63,587 bytes)


2013-10-12 02:08

reporter   ~0001929

It looks like they haven't found an answer to my problem. I'm wondering if anyone has same problem or any suggestions?


2013-10-12 20:22

developer   ~0001930

try double clicking with the right mouse button for several times in the map window; every double click will zoom out


2013-10-14 01:22

reporter   ~0001931

Thanks for the suggestion but right clicking multiple times still has no effect.


2013-10-14 02:43

reporter   ~0001932

Last edited: 2013-10-14 02:48

I tried uninstalling program and reinstalling it. After uninstalling the message said there are still some remaining file(s) that can be removed manually. I deleted the Geosetter folder which had one file in it. There must be other files that aren't being removed since when I open program it defaults to last folder that I had open before uninstalling the program. I believe that this hidden file(s) is/are responsible for the continued inability to get the map to show in the map function. Is there a way to know where these are so they can be removed? I'm going to attach a bug report that I got after the first uninstalling of the program perhaps this helps.

2013-10-14 02:47



2013-10-14 22:03

developer   ~0001933

you will find these files in <AppData>\GeoSetter


2013-10-17 04:52

reporter   ~0001934

I deleted the AppData for Geosetter which were not removed upon uninstalling the program, These files were located in this folder:

Now after uninstalling/reinstalling it started like a new installation but still is missing any map images.

Since I still don't see any images when selecting images with GPS data. The positions of images move in map box when different images are selected with different locations but no map is shown. I suspect that there are files in Windows 8 that allows map images to be retrived or shown which are corrupted. Is there a way to find out what these might be?


2013-10-17 20:42

developer   ~0001935

Last edited: 2013-10-17 23:25

I'm sure that there are no other files which can cause this behaviour.

What version of the Internet Explorer are you using? The map Window in GeoSetter is an embeded IE. You also could try to disable your firewall (only for testing). Or do you use an antivirus software which scans web sites?


2013-10-18 00:53

reporter   ~0001936

I'm using IE10. I realized after seeing another post here that you use embedded Internet Explorer to show the maps in Geosetter (not exactly sure if this is correctly stated and exactly what this means). I then when to IE browser and found that in Google Maps I get no maps and the same error message I get in Geosetter: “don’t have maps at this zoom level”. Since I use Chrome as my browser (which display Google maps fine) but don’t use IE I didn’t know that my Geosetter issue appears to be due to an IE issue. I believe that this happened a few months ago when my computer had issue with internet connection. I had to do automatic troubleshooting repair and suspect this is the root cause of the Geosetter and IE issues. The problem is you cannot uninstall and reinstall IE10 and the only way to do it is by reinstalling Windows 8 which I hesitate to do before exploring if there is another solution. Another issue I found when in IE browser is when visiting the Google search page there is no display of the Google name icon. I’m not a programmer and suspect there might be an issue with the Google API? Can this be repaired? Any suggestions as how to repair this error. I searched on Google for others with this issue but haven’t found any good suggestions that work. For example I tried these and don’t seem to help:
I haven't tired to disable Firewall yet and do have antivirus running but suspect the issue is related to the above problem with IE.


2013-10-18 20:43

developer   ~0001938

it seams to be a generally problem with your system. If IE10 can not display google maps, then it's logical that GeoSetter also can not show the map. The map window of GeoSetter is nothing else then IE.

And I'm sorry, I have no idea how to fix this.


2013-11-20 23:27

reporter   ~0001941

Last edited: 2013-11-20 23:30

I have started to experience the same problem today, no changes to my IE settings, no new windows patches added. Neither my PC, nor Mac display anything at or however my ipad does show a map at this address. Windows firewall turned off, cleared browser cache, re installed all made no difference.

I notice that Google retired V2 of the Google Maps API yesterday, could this be related?


2013-11-21 00:09

reporter   ~0001942

now fixed by deleting Appdata/geosetter


2013-11-21 01:52

reporter   ~0001943

Just an update on how I fixed the map display function to Geosetter. I solved the problem by performing the Refresh function in Windows 8 which fixed the IE10 issue. I'm not sure if restore would work for others as due to an error with my laptop I was unable to use restore.

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