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0001157GeoSetterImage Datapublic2014-05-22 18:11
Reportertmann Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001157: GPS not read correctly on jpeg images converted from raw
DescriptionWhen a Canon CR2 raw image is geo-tagged with GeoSetter and then is converted to a jpeg file, Geosetter does not read the GPS data correctly and the position shown on the map is not correct.
The raw conversion is made with software that is GPS aware, it locates the position correctly with Google Maps on both the raw and jpeg versions.
Also when the jpeg image is uploaded to, that web site reads the position correctly.
Geosetter reads the GPS position correctly of a raw image converted to Tiff format.
Additional InformationRaw processing & conversion software: (GPS data read from v2014.216 onwards)

PBase gallery jpeg image where raw image modified by Geosetter and then converted - positions are read correctly by Pbase.
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2014-05-19 22:16


2_locations.jpg (162,871 bytes)
2_locations.jpg (162,871 bytes)


2014-05-19 22:17

administrator   ~0002081


as you can see on the attached screenshot, your image contains 2 different coordinate values, reported by ExifTool. GeoSetter always takes GPS data from Exif when it exists, otherwise it takes it from XMP data.

Which coordinate exactly do you expect?

2014-05-19 23:31


SCR_000268.jpg (80,514 bytes)
SCR_000268.jpg (80,514 bytes)


2014-05-19 23:34

reporter   ~0002082

I expected the Exif data to be used, that is the correct location. I'm not clear where the XMP values came from, maybe I did not use the program correctly as it's new to me.
I have attached a screen shot from Google Maps showing the correct location.

2014-05-19 23:42


Raw Exif location.jpg (31,837 bytes)
Raw Exif location.jpg (31,837 bytes)

2014-05-19 23:42


Raw XMP location.jpg (47,095 bytes)
Raw XMP location.jpg (47,095 bytes)


2014-05-19 23:47

reporter   ~0002083

I have uploaded screen shots from ExiftoolGUI of the raw image Exif GPS and XMP GPS; they are both the same.
I understand that my conversion software only works with the Exif data but I will check with the developer. However, from what you say, the Exif data is first choice but with the jpeg, thr incorrect XMP data is being used in Geosetter.


2014-05-20 18:06

administrator   ~0002084

Ah, I see, GeoSetter does not take the data from Exif, it takes the coordinates from XMP. And there is a tag


which won't be read by GeoSetter correctly, but I didn't see such a notation before. In my opinion it's simply wrong. The specification for XMP by Adobe ( says:

> GPSCoordinate
> A Text value in the form “DDD,MM,SSk” or “DDD,MM.mmk”, where:
> – DDD is a number of degrees
> – MM is a number of minutes
> – SS is a number of seconds
> – mm is a fraction of minutes
> – k is a single character N, S, E, or W indicating a direction (north, south, > east, west)

By the way, Lightroom doesn't read it also correctly, it shows 68°3'39" N 18°7'38" W... show the correct position as it uses the Exif data and not XMP data.

In my opinion I do not have to fix anything...


2014-05-20 18:13

administrator   ~0002085

And by the way, your image contains XMP data, but this only contains some GPS tags. In my opinion this doesn't fulfill the specification as it should contain all Exif data. But I'm not absolutely sure...


2014-05-20 18:15

reporter   ~0002086

Re. "In my opinion I do not have to fix anything"
However you initially said above: -
"GeoSetter always takes GPS data from Exif when it exists, otherwise it takes it from XMP data."
But Geosetter seems to be giving priority to XMP and not Exif and thus giving the wrong loaction on the program map.
As far as I understand it, exif is part of the international standard for images whereas xmp is really a custom system from Adobe.
I would agree that my jpeg images converted from raw do have xmp data which should not be there.


2014-05-20 18:18

administrator   ~0002087

Yes, I was wrong, GeoSetter is giving priority to XMP. There wasn't a problem in the past with this. Unfortunately you have the situation that your Exif is ok but XMP is wrong. Other images may have wrong Exif but correct XMP. I do not think that I have to swith the priority order now... But I'm not sure ;-)


2014-05-20 18:28

reporter   ~0002088

Thanks for your fast response and continuing interest :-)
Since the main tool for looking at locations is Google maps or Google Earth that uses Exif - and Exif is the international standard (please correct me if I'm wrong), - Exif seems to be the logical priority.


2014-05-20 18:34

administrator   ~0002089

I do not agree that Exif has logical priority because of Google ;-) And I didn't know that Google Maps or Google Earth reads out Exif data. Does it really???

As your image data is not correct, I would repair it. You can do it with ExifTool, by removing the XMP data or by copying Exif data to XMP data.

As I said, I'm not sure if I'm maybe wrong with my giving priority to XMP. I'm just working on a new version of GeoSetter and maybe I will change it there. But I won't change it in the current version, I'm sorry.


2014-05-22 13:13

reporter   ~0002104

Hi again,
One other point. since my CR2 files files from a Canon 600D do not have XMP files, only EXIF, why add XMP GPS data at all? I would understand it if XMP data existed in the original raw file.


2014-05-22 13:52

administrator   ~0002105

Are you using sidecar files? If not, there's an option for witching off creating internal XMP data if it does not exist already.

2014-05-22 17:00


SCR_000275.jpg (83,286 bytes)
SCR_000275.jpg (83,286 bytes)


2014-05-22 17:03

reporter   ~0002106

No, I'm not using sidecar files.
See attached screen shot of the settings I have now modified in Settings, File Options for CR2 files.
However, I still am getting an XMP data produced in the image that has none originally.
What am I doing wrong?


2014-05-22 17:12

administrator   ~0002107

Honestly I'm not sure at the moment... ;-) Can you perhaps send a CR2 which you didn't handle already with GeoSetter to support@geosetter,de?


2014-05-22 17:13

administrator   ~0002108

And which data are you changing? Maybe fields like keywords or country, state, city etc.?


2014-05-22 17:16

reporter   ~0002109

I am only changing the location data, no keywords or country etc.
The files are too large to send by email but I will send via in the next 30 minutes


2014-05-22 17:29

reporter   ~0002110

The file has now been sent via
You should get an email giving the link to download but here it is anyway:


2014-05-22 17:35

administrator   ~0002111

Yes, I got it. But it does contain XMP already (empty description and rating), just at the beginning of the file. You can see it with a text editor...


2014-05-22 17:39

reporter   ~0002112

Ok. I had seen that but assumed as it was empty that was ok.
For now I will delete the XMP position data unless you come up with something.
Despite my problem, I'm finding it a nice program to use :-)


2014-05-22 17:47

administrator   ~0002113

Thanks. And you are right, the priority handling in GeoSetter is wrong. I just took a look into this document: At page 24 there is a description in which order metadata should be processed. In my opinion it's a recommendation ;-) But I will change it in the version I'm just working on...


2014-05-22 18:11

reporter   ~0002114

"the priority handling in GeoSetter is wrong. I just took a look into this document ....
.... But I will change it in the version I'm just working on... "
Than you :-)

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