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0001206GeoSetterImage Datapublic2018-07-01 03:19
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Summary0001206: [Feature Request] Use Foursquare to obtain Sublocation names
DescriptionAlthough has a lot of locations, it would be interesting if the nearby sublocation names could be retrieved from Foursquare as well. User would log in to Foursquare via GeoSetter.

Also, retrieving and displaying places where the user has checked in, would aid in the process of geotagging photos.
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2014-07-29 14:30

reporter   ~0002160

Interesting. I just discovered one can do something similar! Foursquare exposes location data as kml in

It would be nice then, if the feed can be added directly to Geosetter. Without having to download it to the PC first.


2014-07-30 04:43

reporter   ~0002161

The KML export feed contains the geo coordinates, placename, date of checkin as well as the URL of the foursquare location. This may come in use for synchronization.


2017-05-16 23:04

reporter   ~0002508

This is somewhat related to this issue:



2018-07-01 03:19

reporter   ~0003520

I wrote a blog post on how to use Foursquare Check-ins with GeoSetter - more of a hack.

Keeping a log of your visited locations for later adding them to your photo’s metadata

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