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0001381GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-01-17 20:32
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001381: GeoTag add an additional "GPS Latitude" & "GPS Longitude" field, so there are 2 of each of the 2 fields
DescriptionWe using Geotag to add GPS fields to images which were forwaded to another process (3rd party) and that process was rejecting the images. Traced the problem to Geosetter adding duplicate "GPS Latitude" & "GPS Longitude" fields.
Steps To ReproduceIn GeoSetter open a file that already has GPS information. See attached screen capture. Double click the image and save it. Open the image again and it now has two Lat/Long fields.
Additional InformationThey are three attachments - a listing of the Image info fields, image after being altered and image before being altered..

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2017-01-13 09:26


GeoSetter Capture.docx (242,512 bytes)


2017-01-13 20:37

developer   ~0002450

the fields GPSLatitude and GPSLongitude are not duplicated. One entry is the EXIF data, the other is the XMP data

You have the posibility to delete the values after GeoSetter has written them. To do this, open the Settings and go to the tab "ExifTool". Activate "Use Additional ExifTool Commands after GeoSetter Commands" and enter the following:

-execute -XMP:GPSLatitude="" -XMP:GPSLongitude=""

to delete the XMP data, or

-execute -EXIF:GPSLatitude="" -EXIF:GPSLongitude=""

to delete the EXIF data


2017-01-17 13:03

reporter   ~0002451

Thank you for your quick response. I added the ExifTool commands to delete the XMP data and the upstream program now accepts the modified jpegs, and no longer rejects the jpegs. Looks like the issue is resolved for me. Thank you.

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