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0000166GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2008-02-03 17:39
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Summary0000166: Dragging into Viewer Window Moves Files
DescriptionHi Admin

I am not sure if this is correct but is seems to me that when you drag a file into the Viewer window, say from Windows Explorer, it actually moves the file to the "highlighted" directory ?

How do I drag and Drop files from an external application into Geosetter ?

Many Thanks

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2008-01-31 20:02

administrator   ~0000367

I tested it and it works. When dragging a file, you musn't drop it on a directory in GeoSetter.


2008-02-01 08:14

reporter   ~0000370

Hi Friedemann

I thought that maybe a video would explain better what I am doing so you can point out where I am going wrong.

Maybe I am dropping it on the incorrect window ?

I still think that Geosetter should not move my files around ?

Please have a look at:




2008-02-02 00:46

administrator   ~0000373

I think this is a normal standard behaviour. If you drag and drop files from one directory to another on the same drive without pressing an additional key, the files will be moved. If you want the files to be copied, you have to press CTRL. If you drag files from one drive to another, they only will be copied.

I tried it out with ACDSee, which shows the same behaviour...

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