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0002021GeoSetterImage Datapublic2022-12-22 02:05
ReporterKeB0 Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002021: Edit Data "Save as Template" Error
DescriptionIf I try to save a template with some basic data, I get the error below. This is happening in 2 of my machines that run Win10 V1803 Runnig, Geosetter 3.5.0 Portable version. I haven't used this feature in a while, so I cannot verify when it was the last time it worked. I do use it when batching large amounts of photos. I don't know where the problem is, but it cannot write the XMP file. This is what is have done so far: I have clean all files in my Temp Folder; I have removed all files in the C:\Users\....\AppData\Roaming\Geosetter; And I have have runned Geosetter as Administrator. There is no XMP written on those directories.

The following error occured while trying to save the template::
Error: Zero-length file name - ''''
-o "C:\Users\KeB0\AppData\ Local\ Temp\ gs_templateQF2983A3.xmp" -orientation= 1 -execute -@ "C:\ Users\KeB0\AppData\ Local\ Temp\ et{)F2983A3.arg"
"C:\Users\KeB0\AppData\ Local\ Temp\ gs_templateQF2983A3.xmp" -execute -orientation= "C:\Users\KeB0\AppData\ Local\ Temp\ gs_templateQF2983A3.xmp'
1 image files created
0 image files updated
1 image files unchanged

Steps To ReproduceFrankly this might only be happening to me.

Select any image, then Edit Data. then add Author or any field, and then click on "Save as Template". There is a short pause and then the error message appears.



2019-01-24 08:48

reporter   ~0003666

I believe that I am experiencing the same problem.

24-01-2019 3-29-35 PM.png (14,594 bytes)
24-01-2019 3-29-35 PM.png (14,594 bytes)


2019-01-24 21:30

reporter   ~0003667

Yes, that's it Studia. I just did not attached the image. OK, so it not only me! I feel a way!


2019-01-25 04:19

reporter   ~0003668

If only there was an explanation forthcoming or a fix?

I have uninstalled and completely eradicated from registry and reinstalled but no change.


2019-01-25 22:18

reporter   ~0003670

Studia, Do you have an older version? I could only find version 3.1.2 and that feature was working fine! Is just too old version. Maybe you a have a previous version to install and try that! It's not that big of an issue, but I would just like to know if it's the application or my machine. I could make my own template, but i'm prone to make too many typing error and is a big pain the neck. Especially when you know that it can be done with a couple of mouse clicks and done! lol
The developer said on this web page about the forum, 'As I’m working on GeoSetter in my spare time, please understand that I will not answer immediately."

By the way, this software is fantastic for tagging photos! just the Best!...I got to remember to donate!


2019-01-25 22:57

reporter   ~0003671

Studia, I did a little testing with older versions and it worked and then I notice exiftool was version 9.65 and the "Save as Template" feature was working OK! So, then tried updating exiftool and then I got the error! For now just downgrade Exiftool to version 11.23 and the problem is temporarily fix in till the developers can figure something out. The moment I upgrade to version 11.24 i get the error!



2019-01-25 23:04

reporter   ~0003672

Here is where I think the issue might be in the Exiftool 11.24 and above versions. See the highlighted text portion the screen capture bellow

"- Improved warning when trying to read a file with a zero-length name"


2019-01-25 23:07

reporter   ~0003673

Ooops sorry wrong image. Can you please remove it? thanks


2019-01-26 03:18

reporter   ~0003674

Thank you very much - you are correct in that the exif tool appears to be the problem.

I have uninstalled again but reinstalled the same version (3.50) but have not updated the exif tool and it does now appear to be working as it should.

Hopefully a bugfix version will issue soon.

Now it just remains to be able to fix the map view.....

26-01-2019 10-17-52 AM.png (192,750 bytes)
26-01-2019 10-17-52 AM.png (192,750 bytes)


2019-01-28 17:58

reporter   ~0003687

If you revert the Exiftool to version 11.23 it will work!
The google map issues is a google issues from what I understand. Look here, this might be the answer to your (our) problem.

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