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0000023GeoSetterImage Datapublic2007-12-21 13:27
Reporterkuntaldaftary Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version2.0.6 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000023: XMP information seems to be not written to the image
DescriptionI have observed this with 2.0.7 build but the closest I could select from the drop-down menu above was 2.0.6 Beta.

The values seem to be written out only to the Exif-GPS and IPTC locations. This includes the "Altitude" value (which might explain the issue reported by me). This also includes the Keywords and all other GPS information.

All this information is not seen in the "Edit Data" dialog or in the thumbnail or table view. It seems like version 2.0.7 and 2.1.0 are reading the values from XMP fields but writing the values only to Exif/IPTC fields.

Issue 22 might get resolved automatically if this issue gets resolved.
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2007-12-09 23:44

administrator   ~0000025

I can't reproduce this problem. But maybe you have switched on the option "Save data in XMP sidecar files"??? If the data doesn't exist in the image itself, it won't be written to it. It will be written only to the sidecar file. BUT: There's a bug with reading sidecar files which I just noticed ( GeoSetter doesn't read the sidecar file if it contains a BOM at the beginning. I think this BOM is new in ExifTool 7.06.

Can you please change again the altiude value and post the command line here ("Images | Show save report..." in GeoSetter).


2007-12-10 08:33

reporter   ~0000027

I checked the option in settings. The option is NOT turned on for XMP sidecar files. So that cannot be the issue. I will try to recreate the issue and get the command line used. Please give me couple of days for that.


2007-12-20 22:46

reporter   ~0000102

i finally got a chance to try this out again (my pc was not working for a while). i tried this with the latest version 2.2.1 and i could not recreate the problem. at this point, this issue should be considered closed.

there were a couple of new other issues that I saw for which I will open a different bug.


2007-12-20 22:50

reporter   ~0000103

btw - on a related note - the xmp information that is written to the image is not being read by Adobe Bridge. I am suspecting that there is some interoperability issue that has popped up between Bridge and exiftool. I think that is what led me to erroneously believe that XMP is not being written. Just FYI in case others report this issue.


2007-12-20 23:19

administrator   ~0000104

When I'm doing changes to an image, I see them also in Bridge. I don't think that ExifTool isn't compatible with Bridge. Do you perhaps have an exmaple image, which data you don't see in Bridge? You can send it to


2007-12-21 10:54

reporter   ~0000113

The data that does not show up in Bridge is Keywords (IPTC and XMP). Rest of the data shows up fine (like City, State, GPS info, etc).

I tried this with exiftool directly without using geosetter to set the keywords and the same result. Here is the CLI I used:

exiftool -P -m -L -IPTC:Keywords+="geo:lat=37.36022951" -IPTC:Keywords+="geo:lon=-121.96014315" -IPTC:Keywords+="geotagged" -XMP:Subject+="geo:lat=37.36022951" -XMP:Subject+="geo:lon=-121.96014315" -XMP:Subject+="geotagged" DSC01050.JPG

Before the CLI, exiftool output was:

[XMP-dc] Subject : Events/Visit
[IPTC] Keywords : Events/Visit

After the CLI, exiftool output was:

[XMP-dc] Subject : Events/Visit, geo:lat=37.36022951, geo:lon=-121.96014315, geotagged
[IPTC] Keywords : Events/Visit, geo:lat=37.36022951, geo:lon=-121.96014315, geotagged

So the keywords are definitely being written out to the file by exiftool.

However, if I open the file in bridge (I even made sure I purge the cache) the keywords dont show up. I am sending the file in a seperate email. The bridge version I use is CS2.

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