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0002432GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-08 11:48
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Summary0002432: Beta versions
DescriptionThe search for updates or newer versions of the program does not work in any of the beta versions. It only works in full version 3.5.3.
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2023-01-12 13:26

reporter   ~0004354

You checked "Check also for New Beta Versions" in the Misc setting?


2023-01-12 13:55

reporter   ~0004355

Weird, I opened version 4.0.13 and I got a popup telling me that version 4.0.15 was available.

Have you checked the setting under "Misc|Auto Check for Updates (once a day)| Check also for New Beta Versions?


2023-01-12 14:46

reporter   ~0004357

Of course, I have these options and settings turned on. Otherwise, I would be here cursing this problem.


2023-01-12 14:49

reporter   ~0004358

@xyzzy and @mak_kawa I believe, @ThunderBoy means the menu option Help->Check for Update to actively check for a newer version (which obviously we cannot conform after installing the latest version)


2023-01-12 15:03

reporter   ~0004359

I wrote somewhere before that I didn't know that there was a newer version than 4.0.4. He wrote me that a newer version didn't exist. I couldn't even get it in 4.0.13. Of course, unless there is a newer version than 4.0.15, it won't find the update. Version 3.5.3 throws the update right away when I search for it. Never in beta.


2023-01-15 20:57

reporter   ~0004394

Supposedly there is no newer version, but it is already 4.0.19.

no_new_version.jpg (214,165 bytes)
no_new_version.jpg (214,165 bytes)


2023-01-18 22:01

reporter   ~0004408

I tried different options. I've gone through the registry and deleted everything about GS. Removed the update information from config.ini. I also deleted the config.ini file completely. I also turned off the firewall. Still the program told me that a newer version did not exist, yet it was 4.0.24. I have no idea where the dog is buried.


2023-02-02 22:33

reporter   ~0004513

I've been meaning to write that it works. In the previous two versions, it went automatically when I started the program (it threw me a window right away). But this afternoon I turned on 4.0.38 and the update was supposedly not available. Then I verified that 4.0.39 was already available. I have no idea why it goes once and then doesn't.


2023-02-02 22:41

reporter   ~0004514

The information is kept in the file "C:\Users\.....\AppData\Roaming\GeoSetter_beta\config.ini"

LastAutocheckForUpdate=2023-02-02 16:37:04


2023-02-05 14:42

reporter   ~0004532

Now I looked at it, as I know that version 4.0.41 is already released. I turned on version 4.0.39 with my default configuration. Automatically it didn't let me know anything about the new version. So I clicked on Help > Check for update. Even so, supposedly there is no newer version. So I closed the program and opened the config.ini file. I deleted these five lines, saved and turned the program on again.


Right after the program was switched on, the following data was modified. I didn't manually check for a newer version, and it didn't even throw up a window with the new version:

LastStartVersion=GeoSetter 4.0.39 beta
LastAutocheckForUpdate=30. 12. 1899

I didn't do anything, I just closed the program again and the data was modified like this:

LastStartVersion=GeoSetter 4.0.39 beta
LastAutocheckForUpdate=5. 2. 2023 14:09:59

Then I edited this entry as follows: AutocheckForBetaUpdate=1
I ran the program and it immediately threw up a window saying that there was a newer version. After the next restart, it no longer automatically throws this window, but it always throws the new version option when I manually search for an update. I won't make any more changes to config.ini and will see how it goes when the next version is released. I'm backing up the current config.ini just to be safe, so I can see the changes when the next version is released. So I'm going to update the program and in time we'll see.

beta.jpg (19,002 bytes)
beta.jpg (19,002 bytes)


2023-02-05 18:09

developer   ~0004537

Updates are only checked once a day


2023-02-05 18:24

reporter   ~0004538

@heiko I know that, but it didn't work for me at all, even when the program was off for a few days. When I turned it on, it still didn't offer any update (it already had). It didn't work manually and it didn't work automatically. When I removed those lines, it no longer offers me an update every time I restart. I'll see later what it does when there is a new version again.


2023-02-08 08:39

reporter   ~0004552

I looked at it again this morning, because it's now version 4.0.43. I ran the old version 4.0.39 and the latest version is supposedly only 4.0.41. Neither manually nor automatically did I find anything new. Nothing helped me to get a new update through the program. Deleting all the data from the config.ini file didn't help either. That is to say, everything. The file had 0 bytes. The program kept saying that only version 4.0.41 was available. It seems to me that it still has to write the update data somewhere else than in the config.ini file. I couldn't find anything in the Windows registry. This is what it looked like in config.ini:

LastAutocheckForUpdate=8. 2. 2023 7:17:24
LastStartVersion=GeoSetter 4.0.39 beta

I reverted back to the original config.ini file and did nothing more. I installed the new version 4.0.43 in another test directory and poked around a bit. I downloaded this version via the web. The new version didn't do what I needed, so I closed it. I ran version 4.0.39 and immediately got a window that said there was a version 4.0.43. Interesting. I didn't make any changes there. So I looked at what the installation of the new version had written to the Windows registry. There was nothing important there. I deleted all the data that the program installation had written to the registry anyway. The 4.0.39 program was still throwing up the window that version 4.0.43 existed (even after several restarts of the program). As I wrote, there must still be something to write somewhere else about the version of the program. Except in the registry - not in the program directory either. I seriously have no idea why this doesn't work anymore.

When there will be a new version, I will scan the whole system before installing the new version and compare the changes after installation. May the light accompany you.


2023-02-08 10:20

reporter   ~0004553

@Thunderboy did you check the log of your anti-virus software or firewall?


2023-02-08 10:38

reporter   ~0004554

@WilfriedB I've already tried it with the firewall. I wrote about it above. I turned off network protection and filtering in ESET completely. But I haven't tried disabling Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. Next time I will try.


2023-02-08 11:48

reporter   ~0004555

@ThunderBoy I don't experience with Defender, but using Norton it seems to me more useful to look at the log, what exactly it did blog.

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