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0002436GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-15 15:26
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Summary0002436: Version 4.0.15 - Quality of thumbnails
DescriptionQuality of thumbnails is not very good.
Is there any possibility of improving them?
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2023-01-13 21:24


Quality image.jpg (151,596 bytes)
Quality image.jpg (151,596 bytes)


2023-01-14 05:40

reporter   ~0004374

It seems to depend on embedded thumbnail within the JPEG file. When it includes low-resolution thumbnail (ex. 160*120px), Geosetter just displays the low-resolution thumbnail, as you reported. But when the JEPG file includes no thumbnail image, Geosetter makes thumbnail image with "not bad" quality (using the Windows' function?).

So, a workaround is to remove low-res thumbnail from the file using some other tool (ex. exiftool), or use editing software that makes good quality thumbnail.

Anyway, it is not a Geosetter matter, I think.


2023-01-14 12:44

reporter   ~0004375

@mak_kawa: Thanks for the information.


2023-01-14 13:04

reporter   ~0004376

@heiko: you can close this issue.


2023-01-15 00:23

reporter   ~0004382

My previous comment "it is not a Geosetter matter" is maybe wrong/inadequate.
The issue might be solved if Geosetter *always* use/read Windows' thumbnail, instead of embedded Exif thumbnail in JPEG file.


2023-01-15 05:01

reporter   ~0004384

If GeoSetter "generates" a pseudo thumbnail if there is none, could it check the resolution and if it is too low, pretend there is no thumbnail and generate one of better quality (maybe with a parameter that says to do it)?

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