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0002443GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-15 19:24
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Summary0002443: Map zoom levels have been reduced (and "max zoom level" seems ineffective)
DescriptionIn previous versions, some maps (i.e. OSM) had a limited max zoom but at least Google Maps could be displayed at higher zoom level
Now they all seem limited to the previous smaller limit and also Google Map cannot be displayed as zoomed as before.
A new "max zoom level" setting has appeared in the tracks tab but it seems to have no effect (on the map zoom level at least).
Current max zoom level is severely limited for detailed tracks.
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2023-01-15 19:24

reporter   ~0004391

No longer happening as of BETA 4.0.19
Now great zoom levels, with OSM even better than Google Maps!
Thank you Friedemann!

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