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0002493GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-26 07:18
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Summary0002493: Applicant Confirmation
Description@Friedemann and @heiko :
Is it possible to add a step in the process: Before putting "Resolved" to ask the "Requester" if it's OK?
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2023-02-25 23:22

administrator   ~0004674

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Yes it is :-) Do you refer to a special ticket? Normally I can reproduce the problems and after fixing and testing they do not occur anymore. That's why I don't often ask about it. And the ticket the will not be taken into the change log of a new version. If something is still not ok, you can reopen the ticket.


2023-02-26 03:48

reporter   ~0004675

I was used to working in environments where the person reporting an issue had to confirm its resolution.
But it's ok for me this way you proceed.
You can close this issue.


2023-02-26 07:18

reporter   ~0004677

@xyzzy a while ago, I asked myself the same question, because I did not find the "reopen" button. Later I found it under "Attach Tags" Not sure, if was there immediately after the issue had been closed,

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