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0000397GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-01-23 13:02
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Product Version3.2.6 release 
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Summary0000397: Assign Date Taken to multiple files results in just one file being given the new Date Taken
Description(I'm using the swedish language version, so I've translated buttons and menus myself. Hope it can be understood.)
1. Select Multiple images
2. Press the Edit Data button
3. Select the Date tab
4. Press Date Taken->Enter date
5. Assign fixed date: enter date
6. Press Assign to all selected images
7. Press Date -> All and press OK
8. Press OK
9. See that only the first of the selected images will show the new date
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2010-01-22 21:23

reporter   ~0000802

I had selected Date : All on the tab telling what info to add to All files. Thus both Taken Date and Only Timezone was activated.

Later I tried to deactivate Only Timezone and ... all images were given the date & time as entered by me.

So, I might have been fooled by the Only Timezone option.

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