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0000405GeoSetterImage Datapublic2011-08-13 15:37
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Summary0000405: Several image files always fail to update
DescriptionWhen I do a Refresh to update the image files there are always several that fail.

If I refresh again then a few more will more update but there will just about always be one or two left that do not update.

If I close Geosetter and look in the folder then the files will have been renamed from .JPG to .JPG_exiftool.tmp

This has been happening regularly for the last month or so but never happened before then. Sometimes the odd file would not update but always did so after a few tries.

I have not altered any Geosetter settings

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2010-01-27 19:39


Untitled.png (87,787 bytes)
Untitled.png (87,787 bytes)


2010-01-27 20:53

administrator   ~0000821

I know about this problem, I get it reported from time to time, but very rarely. The error message "Error renaming temporary file" comes from ExifTool. A few months ago I already asked Phil Harvey, the programmer of ExifTool. His answer

> You may get this error if you are using the -overwrite_original option and
> the target file is either write protected or the user doesn't have the
> necessary permission to write the file. As you pointed out, in Windows this
> may also happen if the file is being accessed by another application. (Not
> in other operating systems though, because this behaviour makes the system
> susceptible to simple denial of service attacks, and only Windows doesn't
> seem to care about this security problem.) If this happens, the temporary
> file is deleted and the original file will remain untouched:

So is it perhaps possible that another software is running perhaps in the background which accesses the image files? Perhaps an antivirus application?

One reason in the past was a service application running on Sony Vaio Computers (VCFw.exe, "Vaio Content Folder Watch"). After deactivating it, ExifTool (and GeoSetter) worked correctly.

Do you have any idea regarding other software running in the background?


2010-01-27 21:21

reporter   ~0000822

I have Norton 2009 running on that PC. The sample I attached was a batch of perhaps a hundred images and about half a dozen failed. That is a typical proportion.

I will try downloading the files again later - so no EXIF. Then run again with Norton disabled.

2010-01-28 00:12


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Untitled2.png (86,781 bytes)

2010-01-28 00:12


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Untitled3.png (78,986 bytes)


2010-01-28 00:13

reporter   ~0000831

I just ran again twice with Norton off - 171 images processed

First run, two files were not updated.

Second run, one file was not updated.

I noticed that both times the first file in the list was missed.


2011-08-13 13:09

reporter   ~0001656

I experienced the problem only very occasionally till two months ago. However, recently I see it every time after importing more than a couple of new photos.
I use two cameras:
- Pictures from the Konica Minolta 5D only very rarely fail saving
- 10-15% of the JPGs from my new Sony alpha SLT-A55V (with GPS tagging) will bring an error message the first save, leaving a .JPG_exiftool_tmp file for each file in error. After I renamed all of them to .JPG most or all of them will be saved. After repeating the process 2, 3 or even more times, I can successfully save all files.
Before adding or modifying GEO tags and adding IPTC metadata with GeoSetter, I use ImageIngesterPro Version 3.4.10 to import the files (from both cameras) and add some bulk metadata.


2011-08-13 15:37

reporter   ~0001657

I do have a Viao so will disable that program though not been experiencing the problem much recent;y.


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