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Summary0000415: Synchronize with GPS Data Files - Use Waypoint
DescriptionWhen using the "Use Waypoint" option the timezone is not used.
So, for example, synchronize a photo with "Use Waypoints" against a waypoint file gives a time adjustment of -0:59:13.
When syncing this images using the "Use Local Windows Settings" this same photo and the same waypoint file needs to be corrected for timezone so the time adjustment of -0:59:13 should be corrected to -0:59:13 + 1:00:00 = +0:00:13.

Feature request: Make the "Use Waypoint" option timezone aware, like the "Use Local Windows Settings" option does or add an option "Use Waypoint with Timezone"

Background information
For good geotagging on should know the time difference between the clock of the GPS device and that of the camera.
To me, the easiest way and most precise way to do this is to make one photo and at the same time make a waypoint.
The I use the "Use Waypoint" option to calculate the time difference between the GPS device and the Camera photo. Having the time adjustment I go to the "Use Local Windows Settings" the geotag all the images against the tracklog file.
The problem is that the Use Waypoint option is not timezone aware. So always the time adjustment found needs to be corrected for the timezone.
So living in the Netherlands and making a photo in januari I have to correct found adjusted time of -0:59:13 to -0:59:13 + 1:00:00 = +0:00:13. This error prone.

So making the "Use Waypoint" timezone aware (optional) would solve this problem.
I hope I'm clear.
Additional InformationGPS device OziExplorer on Windows Mobile 5
Camera model: Canon 350D
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2010-06-08 19:44

reporter   ~0001121

Have you looked into this?

A workaround would be to put a checkbox on the "Assign Waypoint" dialog to toggle the timezone correction on/off. Ofcourse this would only work for the current timezone, but it would help.

Please make sure that the time different is also applied in the "Synchronize with GPS Data Files" when coming back in this dialog (at the bottom line).

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