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0000463GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-02-22 00:03
Reporterkuntaldaftary Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.10 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.18 release 
Summary0000463: People identified by Google Picasa not supported
DescriptionIt seems that Geosetter 3.3.0+ is supposed to support "Show faces (identified by Google Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery)" as per the change log.

It does support XMP-MP faces information that is stored by either Windows Live Gallery or manually using exiftool, but it does not seem to read the .picasa.ini file to extract people face information as identified by Google Picasa.

I have a file that has a face identified in Google Picasa (which stored that information in .picasa.ini file in same directory) but this information is not embedded in XMP metadata and the red rectangle does not show in Geosetter for this photo.
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2010-02-18 22:34

developer   ~0000953

you are right, GeoSetter only supports XMP-MP face information. To write these information into the image itself you can use to tool AvPicFaceXmpTagger (

You find some more information about this in the help file under "GeoSetter White Papers | Displaying Picasa Face Recognition"


2010-02-21 15:02

administrator   ~0000963

It should work now also with Picasa tags. GeoSetter uses the file LOCAL_APPDATA\Google\Picasa2\contacts\contacts.xml to get the contact names. I hope this will work in general.

I also had to adjust the rename functionalety which now also changes the entries in picasa.ini when renaming a file.

The current beta version is available here:


2010-02-21 20:54

reporter   ~0000967

the beta build works fine with picasa tags - thank you for adding this in


2010-02-21 20:57

reporter   ~0000968

hmm - i was hoping to add the above note and close this entry - but it seems i dont have the control anymore to do that. sorry about that. this issue can be marked fixed and verified.

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