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Summary0000477: Issue In Edit Data When Showing Spain Time Zone

When opening the "Edit Data" form, images that are set to UTC+1:00, DST+1:00 Europe/Madrid, the window shows UTC+1:00, DST+1:00 Africa/Ceuta.

Then you press "Get From Web" and it shows the correct item Europe/Madrid.

Off course since they are both +1:00 there was no change.

This is different from other time zones, Italy/Rome, Europe/London which show the correct time zone.

It seems that for Spain, it just looks at the TZ list and selects the first on that fits UTC+1:00, DST+1:00. Other countries Geosetter even goes as far as to select the correct Time Zone.

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2010-02-22 13:29


TZ_Error.jpg (108,658 bytes)
TZ_Error.jpg (108,658 bytes)

2010-02-22 13:30


TZ_Correct.jpg (100,002 bytes)
TZ_Correct.jpg (100,002 bytes)


2010-02-27 02:06

administrator   ~0000974

It is not possible to determine the time zone without getting it from the web service by using the coordinates. So without doing this, you will see maybe the "wrong" time zone in the list. But as you said, the values are correct.

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