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0000618GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-10-03 22:59
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Summary0000618: Map shifted in China
DescriptionProbably an old issue but the map you use (I assume it google maps) is shifted almost 1 km in China. So photos don't show up in the correct place. The lat/lon setting you put into the photos are correct, they just don't display right. This does not seem to be something that Google is going to change soon because they have known about it for more than a year. There is another map site, that is not shifted but it is all in Chinese and you may not be able to use it anyway. It might be nice if I could choose which map to use but this is a minor problem in an otherwise great piece of software.
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2010-07-27 21:26

developer   ~0001205

at the moment you can also use "OpenStreetMap" and "OSMarender" as map. Perhaps these maps are better. You can select these maps with "Map | Type | Map".


2010-08-18 01:44

reporter   ~0001220

and additional note. the satellite view in google maps is correctly positioned.
probably why selecting "show labels" on this view does nothing

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