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0000670GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-10-25 12:31
Reportercyric Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.60 Release 
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Summary0000670: Exiftool version reported in geosetter is not the same version of exiftool in the tools directory
DescriptionGeosetter has updated exiftool several times since I started using it (most recently to 8.3.5), but when I looked at the exiftool.exe in the geosetter/tools folder it was an older version (8.2.6, the version that comes with geosetter 3.3.60). Using the Help->Exiftool menu option in Geosetter to install various exiftool versions doesn't seem to change the file in the tools folder. No matter what geosetter reports as the exiftool version, the actual file is never replaced (unless I have mistakenly assumed that the file in the tools folder is the one that geosetter actually uses).

Additional InformationTried with both WinXP Home 32bit and Win7 Ultimate 32bit
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2010-10-25 11:38

developer   ~0001302

you will find the actual installed ExifTool version in the directory <AppData>\GetoSetter

The installation program of GeoSetter installs ExifTool.exe in the directory <ProgramFilesDir>\GeoSetter\Tools
If you are updating ExifTool within GeoSetter, ExifTool will be copied to the <AppData>\GeoSetter direcotry.

This has the following reason: The installation program always has Administrator rights. The update of ExifTool must also work with User rights and a "normal" user has not the permission to write into the <ProgramFilesDir>


2010-10-25 12:31

administrator   ~0001303

Exactly :-)

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