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0000075GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2008-01-03 20:53
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Summary0000075: Timezone difficulties
DescriptionI live in Adelaide (timezone +0930). I visited Victoria in June (timezone +1000) and did not change the clock on my camera, which appears to include a "time" but no "timezone" in its files. I am now back in Victoria (daylight saving, timezone now +1100), and as I just discovered GeoSetter, am trying to match up those photos and tracks. I think I'm getting an interaction with the web service getting mixed up with southern hemisphere daylight saving.

The only way I get it to synchronize is to tick "Request time zone by using web service", turn off "Daylight Saving Time" and adjust Image Date and Time by 1:30:00. This gets the photos in the right place, but want to record their timezone as +11:00, which is Victorian Daylight Saving time. The correct timezone should be +10:00.
Additional InformationI'm new to Geosetter (downloaded about 4 hours ago). It looks like a VERY useful tool, but the user interface seems to need a bit of simplifying - it is difficult to describe how to use it to my non-technical Dad.
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2008-01-01 14:14

reporter   ~0000149

i agree. It seems to be a complicated userinterface for computer afraid user.

The main interactione to tag pictures manualy is base on the red "Kartenposition" cursor. ( i donĀ“t even know the english translation of that ;-( ) It should be more highlighted as a central tool for transfereing geotags between pictures and map. But who has a good idea for a dsign change ?


2008-01-01 14:53

administrator   ~0000151

You're right, GeoSetter always decreases the image time by one hour when turning on "Daylight Saving Time". That's not ok. But why do you have to adjust the time by "1:30:00" instead of "1:00:00"? If I fix the saving time issue, it seems that your image will be still wrong by half an hour, but I think that wouldn't be caused by GeoSetter...

As drose said, do you have an idea to simplify the workflow for synchronizing with tracks? Do you think the user interface in general has to be simplified?


2008-01-01 16:43

administrator   ~0000152

I'm a bit confused now about daylight saving time... In my opinion it's ok to always decrease the date time of the taken image by 1 hour if the user enables the option "Daylight Saving Time", isn't it??? Why do you think it depends on southern or northern hemisphere? Does it really in general? Do you think on southern hemisphere, always 1 hour has to be added to the taken date time to make it comparable with UTC time?


2008-01-02 13:32

reporter   ~0000175

The extra 30 minutes is the difference between Adelaide (South Australia) timezone which the camera was set in, and Melbourne (Victoria) timezone that was local time for the track.

I think the daylight saving confusion is that daylight saving in the southern hemisphere is October-April, opposite to northern hemisphere. The track was recorded in June which did NOT have daylight saving, but I'm trying to correlate it in January WITH daylight saving. The timezone being set in the image file is +11:00 - the timezone WITH daylight saving. The correlation only works at all with when the timezone is being downloaded from the web service.


2008-01-02 14:11

administrator   ~0000176

The daylight saving time value will not be read from the webservice. It only depends on your manual setting in the dialog. So I don't see the problem right now...


2008-01-03 12:23

reporter   ~0000195

Last edited: 2008-01-03 12:24

Maybe it's unclear what the "daylight saving" checkbox is supposed to do, and how it interacts with the time in the photos, the time in the track log (which is actually GMT/UTC, I think), the time on the computer running the software, and the new timezone to be written to the image file.

In my case, the photos are start with no timezone info, and the time in Australian Central Standard Time (+09:30). The track log was recorded in Australian Eastern Standard Time (+10:00), but I believe the .gpx file contains these times converted to UTC. The computer I have tried with several settings, but should be Australian Eastern Summer Time (+11:00). I want the time and timezone written to the file to be either the original time with +09:30, or add 30 minutes to it and mark it +10:00. In fact, the timezone written appears to be +11:00. Do I make sense now?

What does the web service do? Are you sure it's not doing anything with daylight saving?

Thank you for looking promptly at my issue.


2008-01-03 12:45

administrator   ~0000196

Is it possible to send me the track file and one image which you want to synchronize with it to Then it's easier for me to discuss the issue...

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