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0000915GeoSetterImage Datapublic2013-03-24 23:08
Reportertakeru Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.23 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000915: .avi files cannot be mapped wth GPS data
DescriptionTrying to map .avi files with GPS data,
I added ".avi" file type by the preference.

However, it is unable with an error :
 "None of your selected images contains a data time value.
 The synchronization can't be done."

Rolling up to 3.4.22 beta did not help.
The same problem is by all of my several PCs.
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2012-01-26 21:29

developer   ~0001709

I assume that there is no time and date value inside your avi files.

To synchronise GPS data with an image/video, GeoSetter is comparing the time from the image/video and the time inside the GPS track; if there is no date and time available in the avi file, the synchronisation can not be done.

If you upload such an avi file and a track file I could check this speculation.


2013-03-24 23:08

reporter   ~0001896

I just posted a similar problem for .mp4 video files. sorry for the duplicate issue.
.mp4 files contain a "Quicktime" "CreateDate" and other date-time tags but not the "Taken Date" required by geosetter. Could geosetter be more flexible to use different tags to find a date-time?
If it would be helpful, I could send you a .mp4 file and a .gpx file that could be matched. Let me know at if you wan the files. thanks

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