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Summary0000917: Inclusion of GPSPitch & GPSRoll metadata
DescriptionGPS units are now available (e.g. Solmeta Pro)which report the attitude of a camera and its image, not all of this information has been available in the EXIF standard to date. However EXIFTool has now included the use of GPSPitch and GPSRoll as well as the existing GPSImageDirection, Latitude and Longtitude - see,3780.msg17600.html#msg17600
Access to this additional data within Geosetter would be very helpful to allow copying and editing as needed. It is visible when requesting View|EXIFtool listings, but the Columns and GPS Edit fields within Geosetter do not recognise these labels.
Additional InformationThe attitude of the camera and Image is important information in the field of Spherical Photography where multiple images are stitched and blended together. Discussions on methods of storing the data and including its use in several programs have been underway for sometime, its inclusion now in EXIFTool's by Phil Harvey has enabled several other programs to start including its use, see:-
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2012-02-26 12:30


.ExifTool_config (984 bytes)


2012-02-26 12:32

reporter   ~0001724

I have just added the .ExifTool_config file with the GPSPitch and GPSRoll parameters included with the additional ones for Geosetter itself.


2012-04-27 01:07

reporter   ~0001761

Here is a link to a web page I have put together, now that the use of the metadata for GPSPitch and GPSRoll is beginning to role it may provide some background information on how the metadata will be used.

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