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0000925GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2012-03-01 22:01
Reporterg8dhe Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.21 beta 
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Summary0000925: Updates of Exiftool do not result in a change of installed version.
DescriptionAutomatic updates of the ExifTool package, appear to take place, however there is no actual change of the ExifTool.exe, the updated version is reported by Geosetter but the version stored in the Geosetter/tools directory remains unchanged.
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2012-02-26 12:44

administrator   ~0001725

When updating ExifTool from within GeoSetter, it will be installed to your personel GeoSetter folder in your profile path (application data).


2012-02-26 13:59

reporter   ~0001726

OK yes I see the files ! However, the files are initially installed into the tools folder below the original Geosetter installation, this can lead to confusion as there are now TWO copies of ExifTool installed, making changes to the "obvious" one under the installation does not affect the one used by Geosetter, would it be possible during installation and Update to remove the unused one ?


2012-02-26 14:09

administrator   ~0001727

Hmm, no, I think I will not change this. If several users are using GeoSetter on the same machine, they all need the initial installation of ExifTool and then it can be updated by the user individually. Honestly I also had problems to implement the online update to install in the program folder. On Windows XP it isn't a problem, but on Vista or Windows 7 it is ;-)


2012-02-26 15:16

reporter   ~0001728

OK understood, perhaps a warning message in the documentation somewhere that the apparent installation folder isn't the only place that needs to be checked for?
I only hit the problem when working with Phil Harvey to implement the GPSPitch and GPSRoll information. I had previously had a separate installation of ExifTool and it seemed silly having another installation under Geosetter, so I pointed my %PATH% at the Geosetter/tools folder only then to find that the version wasn't being updated :-)


2012-02-26 20:27

developer   ~0001729

I could insert this information as a new point in the FAQ of the help file if this would help


2012-02-27 12:24

developer   ~0001730

you also could use the <AllUsersProfile> directory. I my opinion this would be the right place to use.


2012-02-27 23:12

reporter   ~0001731

Yes that is a possibility, does the current installation program create an AllUsers entry ? I'll have to take a look and see what's possible.


2012-03-01 21:22

administrator   ~0001732

No, I also don't want to use <AllUsersProfile>. I know, this situation is not very likely, but let's assume that there exist several different users on the system. In my opinion it's an advantage that each user can update to the preferred ExifTool version.

I think I will add a readme file to the tools folder in programs folder.


2012-03-01 22:01

reporter   ~0001733

Yes excellent idea, that should make it clear!
Thanks for a great program by the way.
If you need any track data to help with testing the GPSPitch and GPSRoll facilities please drop me a note (or here will do) and I can supply the same data that Phil Harvey is using to implement the facilities in EXIFTool.

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