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0000930GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-04-16 20:47
Reporterjonny Assigned Toheiko  
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Product Version3.4.26 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000930: Exiftool above version 8.79 does not reliably writes the data to the files
DescriptionAfter upgrading to the newer versions lately, I noticed that when writing the geodata to the files, I get for every image an error telling me the Exiftool dll is not compatible with Windows or is corrupted/not downloaded correctly and it recommended to install-download the utility again.
After multiple OK clicking to continue the writing I found that the data was not written to every file correctly.
No resolution by downloading & installing any version above 8.79.

I then downgraded from 8.85 until I found that 8.79 was working OK.
Additional InformationI´m running Windows 7 pro 32bit.
The same problem with the Exiftool also occurs with other Geosetter versions.


2012-04-01 22:51


Exiftool-error.PNG (45,920 bytes)
Exiftool-error.PNG (45,920 bytes)


2012-04-02 22:30

developer   ~0001740

Please do the following things:
- delete all files in the cache-exiftool-8.85 directory
- delete ExifTool.exe in the directory <AppData>\GeoSetter\Tools

Then start GeoSetter and make a update to the latest ExifTool version (at the moment 8.85).

Please let me know if all is working correctly now.


2012-04-16 17:20

reporter   ~0001753

Seems I found with your help the culprit:
The ExifTool.exe in the GeoSetter\Tools directory was not updated correctly and was still a 8.47 version.
After deleting this file and updating I got the latest (8.88) ExifTool.exe and this seems to work OK.

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