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0000971GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-10-24 16:18
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0000971: Attribut "Bild aufgemommen am" verschwindet nach Speichern
DescriptionIm Windows Explorer kann neben "Änderungsdatum" bei Bildern auch das Attribut "Bild augenommen am" eingeblendet werden. Nachdem mit GeoSetter irgendwelche Bilddaten editiert wurden versschwindet das Attribut aus den Bildern, obwohl die Informationen weiterhin in den EXIF-Daten vorhanden sind.
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2012-08-01 11:38

reporter   ~0001816

I am using the trusted old EXIFER tool for bulk re-dating JPG files based on the EXIF date. This does not work anymore after geocoding the images with GeoSetter because the "date taken" seems to disappear from the EXIF part (where it was stored by the camera) and moved to the IPTC part. (I know, EXIFER is no longer supported). Just an observation - but it might be the same problem with the "Image Taken" date shown in Explorer.

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