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0002261GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-21 12:20
Reporterdg234 Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.5.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002261: Bank Map Pane - with an error 80020101
DescriptionThe map does not display (blank panel) and you receive the following error message
2/18/2022 2:53:05 PM ERROR: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101
  showMap3(2, 1, 29.2297604111, -103.3170505571, 16);
2/18/2022 2:53:05 PM setMapDimension(869, 593);
2/18/2022 2:53:05 PM updateCustomLayers('{ "layers": [ ] }');
Steps To ReproduceStart up geosetter with any gpx track
Additional InformationJust started on February 17th. Everything was working great up to this point. Wonder if google has retired a version or map library....
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2022-02-18 21:02

reporter   ~0003897

Sorry -- subject should say Blank map pane


2022-02-18 21:21

reporter   ~0003898

Did some more investigating and looked at the errors resulting from the map_google.html file on geosetter.

Found the following error:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
util.js:247 Google Maps JavaScript API warning: RetiredVersion


2022-02-19 12:42

reporter   ~0003899

I have the same problem on both my PCs with Windows 10.
It started on February 17 as well.


2022-02-19 12:44

reporter   ~0003900

THe error I get is:

19/02/2022 12:30:03 ERROR: Impossibile completare l'operazione a causa di un errore 80020101
  showMap3(2, 4, 44.7961754371, 11.2786439884, 12);


2022-02-19 20:00

reporter   ~0003902

Same error here with error

2/18/2022 1:54:06 AM ERROR: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101 (this timing is at UTC+8)
and don't have any issue one day ago

incase it is a program corruption on one computer, I have tested on my second computer which is also getting the same error
incase is an AV or Firewall problem, I have also had both disable
there is no window patch that can change on both computers (I have a written policy to block auto-update without my permission on both win 10 computers)

looking at the port that GeoSetter.exe is accessing and confirm my computer can both reach IP and the port <- I can see a web login portal for if I reach the IP address with a browser <- I can see a google website if I reach the IP address with a browser


2022-02-20 01:21

reporter   ~0003903

Same issue here. No option shown to load any map. Buttons above map missing as well.


2022-02-20 22:21

reporter   ~0003908

I confirm the issue on my end as well on Win10.
Tried to regenerate my API key, but no change.
Tried to update the version of API used to a more recent one (3.484 instead of 3.14) with no change.
I'm stuck now :-(.


2022-02-20 22:31

reporter   ~0003909

Dennis - Do you have a separate version of map_geosetter.html file with your own API key? If so, I think the other thing that needs to be changed is the util.js:247 file -- it gets a 403 error I think google has retired some of its older code/libraries. I have been trying to determine how to finalize the setup of a google maps api key under my domain but I am having problems figuring out how to set the limit on the usage so I don't get charged. Probably won't create enough traffic but still don't want any surprise bills. If I can get this finalized I can try to help you test some other configurations.


2022-02-20 22:55

reporter   ~0003910

Just did some more research -- when looking up the 403 error on the google maps API I found the following:

"If the response is still a HTTP 403 (Forbidden) error, the signature was not necessarily the problem, it may be related to usage limits instead.
This typically means your access to the web service has been blocked on the grounds that your application has been exceeding usage limits for too long or otherwise abused the web service."

So it may be that the geosetter api key has a set limit based on the number of map views (makes sense that the developer does not want to pay for more usage beyond the free views) and for the month of February the usage on the geosetter api key has surpassed the limit. If this is true, than one would think the problem will resolve itself on March 1st.

The solution might be for us to determine how to setup a map_geosetter.html file with our own keys so the geosetter developer is not faced with charges from google.


2022-02-20 23:40

reporter   ~0003911

Hello everyone,

I have the same problem since 17th February. I did some research to find a solution but all I found were solutions from a few years ago that don't work this time. Eventually I found a pdf file with instructions (attachment). It might help in your case if you have a good coding knowledge. I suck at it so I depend entirely on others :D I followed successfully every step of this instruction and I used my own API key from but the map still doesn't load at all. I sent an e-mail to the developer but he hasn't replied yet. He did mention on his website that we'd have to be patient as he is very busy on a daily basis.

I hope that dg234 is right, that the problem will be automatically solved on 1st March. For now I'm trying to find another easy to use temporary geotagging software before going back to Geosetter. Maybe you have good recommendations of other softwares? I'm checking every day to see if it works again and I'll be checking this forum thread :)

HowTo-GeoSetter Google API.pdf (135,215 bytes)


2022-02-21 00:37

reporter   ~0003912

That's intriguing. I have installed Photo Mechanic where geotagging is easy. Unluckily it also shows "You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Please consider changing your browser." What the heck? :D does it look like all softwares can't use Google Maps now??


2022-02-21 01:19

reporter   ~0003913

That is indeed intriguing Bluescape 84. I have Photo Supreme and ACDsee Ultimate and geotagging works OK on both. For Photo Supreme one has to obtain a Google API code, but for ACDSee it must be via a coding within the program as the user does not have to do it.


2022-02-21 09:18

reporter   ~0003915

Hello @dg234,
Yes I have my own map_geosetter.html file with my own API key.
I used the pdf file tuto listed by @Bluescape84 some time ago when I faced the limit of usage of the shared developer API key.
But in that new case it doesn't help.
I don't see where to find the util.js:247 file, but if you guide me, we can make some tests and trials to make GeoSetter sork again (if possible).


2022-02-21 14:26

reporter   ~0003916

Indeed @JeffK the map works on ACDsee Ultimate. I have just tried it there.


2022-02-21 14:36

reporter   ~0003917

DenisPac. - Thanks I will look at the pdf file tuto listed by @Bluescape84

Here is what I have done:

Open (or your version of the file) in a new tab in Chrome. Using the version I get a blank screen. Right click in on the blank window to get a menu and choose inspect. That will pull up a pane on the right side of the screen with the code and a menu across the top. On the right side of the menu I see a red circle with an "X" next to the number "2". Click on the red circle with the x and the console pane will open at the bottom of the code pane. In the console pane I see the following:

(red x) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
(red x) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (not found) /favicon.icon:1
(yellow warning) Google Maps Javascript API warning: RetiredVersion util.js:247 Messages#retired-version

Do you get the same errors with your own map_geosetter.html file?

I am not a programmer but have some experience with troubleshooting coding problems.


2022-02-21 20:20

reporter   ~0003918

After having this problem, I made some changes and Geosetter is working again.
I have my own map_geosetter.html file with my own API key. I edited this file making the following changes:
1.- Api version 3.47
2.- Script source src="" (line 9)
3.- Iconfiles path set as iconFile = ''; (several lines)
I have no idea why this changes made Geosetter to work again and I am not sure if it will work tomorrow, but at this moment it works perfectly.
May be someone could explain the problem or find a more elegant solution.


2022-02-21 21:10

reporter   ~0003919

Wow, that is great.
I also had to change to https://

But I am still having problems (see error messages below)
I still not seeing the map but I am getting further -- it is actually reading and trying to add the trackpoints but I still do not see a map

Did you change the version for the common.js and util.js?
Can you tell us what api's you have enabled? I have
Maps Embed API
Maps JavaScript API
Maps Static API
Street View Static API

Maybe I need some other apis enabled?

I then see the following in the maplog
2/21/2022 2:59:23 PM checkCustomLayersStatus();

When I look at my local version of map_geosetter.html in a standalone window I get much different errors now:

common.js:124 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'prototype')
    at common.js:124:242
    at js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:105:167 (my key removed for security)
    at js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108:442
    at js?v=3.47&key=...=geometry:105:260
    at uf (js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108:376)
    at Mba (js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:105:88)
    at (js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:272:584)
    at common.js:1:13
(anonymous) @ common.js:124
(anonymous) @ js?v=...&libraries=geometry:105
(anonymous) @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108
(anonymous) @ js?v=...&libraries=geometry:105
uf @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108
Mba @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:105 @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:272
(anonymous) @ common.js:1
util.js:239 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'prototype')
    at util.js:239:361
    at js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:105:167
    at Object.<anonymous> (js?v=...&libraries=geometry:108:442)
    at js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:106:242
    at uf (js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108:376)
    at Lba (js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:106:19)
    at js?v=3.47&key=...Q&libraries=geometry:105:188
    at js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108:442
    at js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:105:260
    at uf (js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108:376)
(anonymous) @ util.js:239
(anonymous) @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:105
(anonymous) @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108
(anonymous) @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:106
uf @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:108
Lba @ js?v=3.47&key=...&libraries=geometry:106

You have been a great help. Any additional information would be sincerely appreciated.


2022-02-21 22:42

reporter   ~0003920

Hello everybody,
Thanks to jllanos, I made my own html file, with original key.
I just modified the API version (3.47) and the urls to geosetter site (for the js file and the icons).
It worked one time ... and crashed.
Then I also modified line 1354 "SetMapType(4);"
I can only use OpenStreetMap, but it's ok for me.

GS_Google_Maps_2022.html (50,217 bytes)


2022-02-22 02:10

reporter   ~0003921

Ojind. Used the file you included, changed your key to my key and it works great. You file does not include the libraries in my file and also had one other minor difference.

Note -- anyone using Ojind's file needs to use their own key and not Ojinds. Easy to get a key from google -- just remember to set the limits so that they do not surpass the free limits ($200) allowed by google for map apis.

Thank you very much!


2022-02-22 08:53

reporter   ~0003922

Hi all

I too have Geosetter's fatal problem as map error since Feb.19. Really troublesome. And... I figured out it with Ojlnd's script HTML that works magically. Thanks, Ojlnd and all folks here.

FYI, it works with no problem both with my API key for Maps JavaScript and Geosetter's "default" API key.


2022-02-22 09:08

reporter   ~0003923

@Ojlnd: many, many thanks for your html-file! GeoSetter really seems to be working now, like before! (Google Maps: Satellite and Map view & Open Street Maps)

The map was totally broken for me before.

I am not sure if the API-key in your file is Geosetter's "default" API key or your own. I replaced it with my own APi-key anyway but just make sure not to post your own key in the html-file. Your quota could then accidentally be used by many users and you would need to pay Google for any further API calls!


2022-02-22 10:36

reporter   ~0003924

Hi all

Additional Information. With Geosetter's API key, Google Maps are not displayed at all with some error (incomplete operation?). Only OpenStreetMap can be shown up.
But with my own API key, everything is okay. Just curious...


2022-02-22 13:53

reporter   ~0003925

mak_kawa -- I think the geosetter developer has set limits on his api key so that google does not charge him for map usage. I believe that he hit his limit on Feb 17th and google has stop serving maps to his account. That is why your key works and his does not. Please use your key. There is no reason why the geosetter developer should subsidize our map usage. He has already done a great job by providing this extremely useful utility.

I would like to ask everyone to consider sending the geosetter developer a donation to repay his hard work.


2022-02-22 15:17

reporter   ~0003926

Thanks a lot @dg234 and @Ojlnd!
Works fine for me with Ojlnd's solution and my own key. Not only for OPM, but also for the Google maps.


2022-02-22 16:01

reporter   ~0003928

Great news! Thanks to @Ojlnd for his contribution, i'll try it tonight and see if it works with my API key :)


2022-02-22 18:39

reporter   ~0003929

Geosetter is working again after pasting my personal API key.

@dg234 I just have a question, how do I set the limits so they don't surpass the free limits?


2022-02-22 19:08

reporter   ~0003930

Bluescape84 -- Go into the hamburger menu in the Google Cloud Platform
Then select Budgets and alerts
You can now create a budget or click on a existing budget and set a monthly budget amount. It is my understanding that google does not charge for the first $200 of map usage. So I have my budget set to $200. You can also setup a warning. I, for example, have a warning set so I receive an alert if I get close to 90% of my budget amount.
I assume they cut off access as soon as you surpass your budget.
Hope this helps.


2022-02-22 21:14

reporter   ~0003931

@dg234 thank you! I've just set a budget and an alert. I'm just a bit confused because, as I live in Poland, the currency in Google is PLN rather than $ and i'm aware that the exchange rate varies the whole time, and because i've read in a few articles, english and polish, that the new free limit is 300$ and it's a trial period of 90 days. Not sure how it will look like over time, i'll keep observing the usage and make changes if necessary. Not sure if it's something different from the monthly 200$ free usage.


2022-02-22 21:21

reporter   ~0003932

Bluescape84 - After the trial period you will revert to the $200 free usage, or whatever it is in PLN. You might want to send a note to the support group for Google Cloud and see if they can advise you. My guess is that you will not come near to the limit is you are not a heavy user of Geosetter. Sorry, but I too am rather new to the Google Cloud. I setup an account a long time ago when google started charging for maps. I have a website that uses maps and decided I did not want to risk of getting big bills so I changed to Leaflet ( and use opentopo maps for my site. The coding between the google api and leaflet is similar. Anyway -- since I am not really a google map api user I can't really answer your question.

Hope it works out for you.


2022-02-23 00:38

reporter   ~0003933

Hi dg234

I totally agree with you about the usage of Google API key. I will use my own key from now on.

I agree with your donation proposal too. But... for some reason, PayPal can't handle the donation from me to Friedemann. So, I have contacted to the PayPal support. Their response is "This is your government's decision. They prohibit the donation from your country to other countries". I don't want to use my credit card directly in this site... alas. What can I do?


2022-02-23 00:58

reporter   ~0003934

dg234 - well I guess that i'm not a heavy user of Geosetter. I've been catching up the last few weeks but once I finish with a few photo albums I'll be back to my previous level of usage, basically once every few months. I'll also try to make a donation to Friedemann.


2022-02-23 04:42

reporter   ~0003935

Thank you @Ojlnd!
I used your file but changed the Google maps API key to my own. It works and I can use OpenStreetMap or any of the Google maps.


2022-02-23 11:09

reporter   ~0003936

@Ojlnd, Thank you for your file. I use this with my own API key. It works very well. Can open all Google maps and also the OSM map. The search also works. You need two API Key, Maps JavaScript API and Geocoding API. That is enough. You have done a good job. So you can use Geosetter again.


2022-02-23 11:16

reporter   ~0003937

@roscoe why do we need geocoding api?


2022-02-23 12:39

reporter   ~0003938

I confirm that the file from @Ojlnd works fine for me as well. Thank you!
Thanks to @dg234 as well for his investigation :-)


2022-02-23 18:01

reporter   ~0003945

@Bluescape84, I followed both of the instructions below. Sorry, but one tutorial is in German, and a bit older. The links given there for the API creation are partly outdated, because Goggle changes these pages all the time. In the file of @Ojind I inserted the generated API key (one key for ALL included APIs) and copied this html-file to a directory on my HDD. In the Geosetter settings, then only the existing entry must be changed and set a reference to the new file on the HDD. That's it.

GeoSetter_Google_API.pdf (135,215 bytes)
Geosetter API.pdf (303,644 bytes)


2022-02-24 08:11

reporter   ~0003946

I have this problem also. I have been using this program for many years without any problems until this. I use it only to geolocate my photos on the map and record tags, titles etc....

Do I need an "API Key" ? Does it cost? How do I go about it?

Many thanks,


2022-02-24 09:23

reporter   ~0003947

@Studia see here
You have $200 free volume per month. That's about 28500 page views. Only when this volume is exceeded, costs are charged. This should be sufficient for private use.


2022-02-24 16:03

reporter   ~0003948

Due to long lasting limitations with google images (loading obscured and having hardly any useful info in remote mountain areas) I had long since dismissed their use and always used OSM maps instead.
So Geosetter was usable - sort of.
But now I can't see why the newly appeared quirk is also preventing me to use GS with OSM maps and displaying any GPX file at all.
I don't need/want to use Goosgle maps at all, why are OSM maps also unavailable?!

As a workaround, I am trying several alternative geotagging programs, but they all sort of fall EXTREMELY SHORT of how good GS is (was?...). Basically, theu SU*K in comparison... Such a pity this SUPERB project has apparently died a few yars ago...


2022-02-24 19:07

reporter   ~0003949

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this limitation imposed by Google:
"Beginning in August 2021, a warning message will appear to Internet Explorer 11 users at the top of maps. The last version of the Maps JavaScript API to support Internet Explorer 11 is v3.47. Support for Internet Explorer 11 will be entirely discontinued in August 2022. This also applies to the IE mode in Edge."

If I'm not mistaken, this hack:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
will stop working!

Also, I think the browser emulation hack will not be effective anymore:

Does it mean the end of Geosetter?!
It would be a shame.


2022-02-24 20:30

reporter   ~0003950

ceroni - you might want to read this:
It might be worthwhile playing around with the chrome=1 tag...


2022-02-24 23:30

administrator   ~0003952

Dear people,

Thank you all very much and please excuse my late reaction! Especially to jllanos, your change solves the problem for now. I have just made this change myself and the map now works as expected.

Since this problem will occur again and again, I am planning to change to another map solution this spring/summer! I promise! As far as I can see so far, I will probably switch to Leaflet ( or OpenLayers ( and hopefully be able to keep all the functionalities.

Best regards


2022-02-25 00:09

reporter   ~0003953

Hello Friedemann, A heartfelt thanks from all of us for this terrific program. I love this simple solution to geocoding photos from my backpacking trips. I changed from the google maps api to Leafletjs and opentopo map for my personal website. The change was not that difficult and it is wonderful being free of google and map usage charges. I will say that the openlayers interface can be slow at times. But it is a small price to pay.
We all look forward to the upcoming upgrade to geosetter. Thanks again!


2022-02-25 09:42

reporter   ~0003954

Thank you Roscoe.

And a big thanks to Friedemann for rectifying the program/.


2022-02-25 14:31

reporter   ~0003955

Hello @jllanos

Thanks for your solution.

Your file do the job but i can only use google maps... can't say why. so i'm afraid i m using your GOOGLE API KEY (on line 11)...


Didier G.

2022-02-25 19:53

reporter   ~0003957

Now it works perfectly with Ojlnd's solution, thanks a lot !
By the way, I made a small donation to Friedman to fund some beers to encourage him during the new development.
Thanks again Friedman, your program is great and I love locating my pictures with it.
I wish you all the best,


2022-02-27 21:31

reporter   ~0003958

Feedback from Friedeman after so long!
This is great news, hope it means a) all is well with him and b) some development will appear on GS horizon!
Following the recent mishap I investigated several alternative program and did not find any that even comes close! So great news this project may see some future!
Thank you Friedeman for the superlative work and best wishes for the future!


2022-02-27 21:37

reporter   ~0003959

For the less-than-bright ones among us, may I ask that the full "Ojlnd solution" be cleanly an completely reported in a dedicated post?
Presently, it seems to be distributed in a few separate places, relying on previous considerations about setting dedicated pages and getting google apis...
Not too easy to put everything together...
Would be great if a "foolproof" solution could be recalled in a single place...
Thank anybody who cares to take care!


2022-02-27 21:54

reporter   ~0003960

See Bluescape84 comment dated 2022-02-20 23:40. There is a file attached. Get the file and follow the directions.
Setting up an account on Google is not terrible. You just need to get a key.
Per Roscoe: "You have $200 free volume per month. That's about 28500 page views. Only when this volume is exceeded, costs are charged. This should be sufficient for private use."

Give it a try. I think you should be able to manage this with the directions provided in the file.


2022-02-28 11:15

reporter   ~0003962

Zava : A complete and centralized solution is an excellent proposition


2022-02-28 12:44

reporter   ~0003963

WOW! I got through all the steps detailed in the instruction file (setup google account & api and budget and billing and modifying GS settings...) and it worked! I'd never bet on it but it does work!
Hironically, I just need this just to get the google map briefly displayed, which again enables selecting a DIFFERENT map, which I do because I do NOT use google maps but OSM...
All this just to use OSM... but at least (and at last...) it works!
Anyone who needs, find instructions in instruction files linked in previous posts, which I confirm are complete and effective! May look intimidating, but work...
Thank all posters and namely dg234 for final encouragment!


2022-03-03 02:06

reporter   ~0003973

Just got back from a 3 week holiday in America and had this problem. Huge thanks to jllanos for showing what needed to be done to get it working.


2022-03-20 01:01

reporter   ~0003975

Friedman, is it possible for you to post the html file that has all the fixes with dashes for the [API Key Here] in place of you key where we need to put it in? I tried to use Jllanos information but was having trouble finding all the references that need changes. Also, the html file can be edited by simplying changing the extension to .txt and then editing it in notepad and then when done, changing extension back to html, correct? Would really appreciate this, i am sitting on a pile of raw photos from a trip and would love to get the GPS date in them before i do the editing and exporting to JPG, thanks for all you are doing.


2022-03-20 09:15

reporter   ~0003976

Here is the map file I am using; fill the dashes in line 8 with your own Api Key.

map_google-GS.html (49,979 bytes)


2022-03-20 19:51

reporter   ~0003977

Thank you for the file jllanos, appreciate your help


2022-03-21 17:13

reporter   ~0003978

Jllanos: Thank you for the file map_google-GS.html
Best regards


2022-03-21 18:28

reporter   ~0003979

Jllanos :sorry, but using the file with my google Api key I can only use the openstreet map. When selecting a Google map, I get an error:
"Google Maps did not load correctly on this page. For more technical information on this error, please see the JavaScript Console."
It's probably my key that's not good.


2022-05-03 17:45

reporter   ~0003986

Finally it works for all Google maps. Still the same Google key, but with authorization for JavaScript APIs
Greetings to all and especially to Jllanos


2022-06-27 15:31

reporter   ~0004000

From Google Maps Platform:

That's to say: after November 2022, Geosetter will be unable to display Google Maps.
Geosetter uses Internet Explorer, api version 3.47 was the last to support IE, and api version 3.47 will be retired at that moment.
And there will be no tricks such as changing "map_google-GS.html" file or using an own api key.

I wonder if anyone is doing anything to face this problem; if not, we must hurry up to finish all our pending work with Geosetter...
In five months, we will have no reason to cry, as this has been a "Chronicle of a Death Foretold"


2022-07-06 20:00

reporter   ~0004004

To Geosetter technical staff:

The attached file is a sample of a Delphi program embedding an Edge browser and interacting with it.
It's a tiny program (100 lines of code) developed with Embarcadero RAD Studio 11, with TEdgeBrowser component + WebView2 and uses the map_geosetter.html of Geosetter.
Once loaded the first button shows the map, the second one add some icons executing html/js functions and the third one retrieves values from html DOM.
The code shows methods and procedures that could be useful to remove IE from Geosetter and change to a supported browser.
I would give a try to this approach (it seems a task neither painful nor long)... but I haven't access to Geosetter source code.

I would appreciate too much hearing from you.

Note: In order to execute the exe file, the zip must be extracted (or moved) into C:\WebViewDelphi (1,464,884 bytes)


2022-07-06 20:52

developer   ~0004005

Hello jllanos,

I've informed Friedemann about your test program via WhatsApp. So the information is not lost in any case! What Friedemann makes of it, I can not judge of course.

By the way, the test program does not run with me. I only get the error message: "Error initializing WebView: $80070002" and then an empty window.


2022-07-07 14:43

reporter   ~0004006

To Geosetter technical staff:

I forgot to say that the program needs MS Webview2 runtime installed in the computer. The download link is:

Of course, if this approach is accepted there are ways to integrate Webview2 runtime in the setup .exe of Geosetter.
I also include the following link, which has been very useful for me in the configuration of RAD Studio with Webview2.

Ron Helms

2022-12-15 13:45

reporter   ~0004172


I'm curious: what is happening about the forced IE retirement vs. GeoSetter problem?
FYI: I'm a long-since-retired, ex-programmer. Today I blindly (without really understanding what I was doing) implemented the changes Jllanos recommended back Feb. GeoSetter seems to work (I'll try to do some real work with it later today) but it opened using OpenStreetMap rather than Google Maps, even though I entered my own Google API key.
Will we have a version of GeoSetter that will work with Google Maps?


2022-12-15 15:19

reporter   ~0004173

@Ron Helms:
Please see this thread for more explanations and workarounds: as well as Friedemann's blog here:


2022-12-21 01:11

reporter   ~0004235

Hi all again. I wanted to use Geosetter today (haven't used it since september i think) and unfortunately it's not working again. It's the same error message. The program was working well since @Ojlnd and @dg234 presented their ideas with the html file and the personal API key. I didn't change anything in that file since february 2022 and it stopped working... i read a little the discussions recommended by @WilfriedB but there are a lot of things I don't understand there as i'm not a programmer. The author also mentioned a new version back in november. Not sure if it's still in the works or not. Any idea please what i can do to make the google map work again?? Maybe someone managed to fix the error? If yes can you please share the html file here? :)


2022-12-21 01:12

reporter   ~0004236

Oh forgot to tag @jllanos :)


2022-12-21 01:48

reporter   ~0004237

So i deleted config.ini in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\GeoSetter and used the link of Friedmann ( in the map address settings of GS. It's working again. There's no satellite map yet, just the default leaflet map, which is useless for me so I'll wait for the satellite and hybrid map to become available. I personally prefer Google Map but i don't understand what changed to get rid of Google Map. Does anyone use the Google Map at this moment? If yes, can you share the file so I can use it too with my personal API key?


2022-12-21 09:14

reporter   ~0004239

@Bluescape84 Download the new beta version. But there are still a lot of bugs. Install it in a different location and copy your config files to it. Or, until the new final version is out, use these my modified files on version 3.5.3. Most everything runs there and you have a choice of different maps. Or use modifications from @Motalf
My last attached work for version 3.5.3:
See this thread for more information: 0002390


2022-12-21 09:54

reporter   ~0004241

@Bluescape84 I have attached my latest modification for Geosetter version 3.5.3


2022-12-21 10:46

reporter   ~0004245

@Bluescape84 @Ron Helms things changing rapidly these days. The new 4..04 Beta can be downloaded from here and it works quite well for me.


2022-12-21 12:20

reporter   ~0004249

@Thunderboy & @WilfriedB thanks for the tips! I'll try the beta version for now :) didn't find the link to it yesterday.

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