New Website, new GeoSetter Version?

After a long time I decided to rework this website completely – you now see the result. I did this not least because of new rules regarding private policy which take effect on 25. May 2018 in Europe (for your interest see here: General Data Protection Regulation). Unfortunately, I didn’t care about this website in the last years, so a simple update of the used CMS (WordPress) wasn’t possible now. That’s why I did it completely new.

Yes, and what are you just reading? A blog, the first on this website and my first blog ever. I intend to doing this from time to time in the future now, for example for commenting updates of GeoSetter, posting useful knowledge and maybe also posting non-GeoSetter related stuff, like my joy about a new camera, a recent vacation or whatever. I’m not sure if I will really do so, but let’s see…

It’s a new website, but missing is a new version of GeoSetter. I can tell you, that I’m working on a new version 4, but it’s still not finished. About one year ago I expected to be finished in fall – last year. Now I’m not sure if I will finish until the end of this summer. As I do the work on GeoSetter in my spare time, besides my regular job, my family and other activities, it’s difficult to estimate. But for those who like GeoSetter and maybe are waiting for something new: I’m on it 😉


  1. Dear Friedmann,
    This is very good news! I noticed continued activity on Mantis, it was clear you had not abandoned the project yet. Looking forward to your version 4, as GeoSetter *still* is a trusty favorite.

    1. It’s good news, but meantime my Geosetter is not working again (cannot display Google map). It was fixed in 3,5 beta , but here we are again. DEJAVU! Hopefully Friedmann can fix it soon.
      Thank you!

  2. Hello Friedemann,

    I am glad that GeoSetter is still in development.
    I remember that long time ago I used your Exifer for a while but I never sent you a postcard. So I still owe you one.

    Best wishes

  3. Looking forward to 4.0! Any news on possible planned features? It would be nice if you could add other location data sources such as Foursquare or Google Maps for place names suggestions along with geonames.

    1. Yes, I know, the location data service has to be reworked. But I will not do this in the next release, maybe in 4.1 then… I know about the problems and it has a high priority then…

      1. OpenStreetMap Nominatim also has some reverse geocoding services which could yield location names (buildings, businesses, venues).

        Personally, when I travel I like to use Foursquare to keep a log of the places which I visited using check ins. Then I use GeoSetter to add the venue name in the Sublocation field. It would be nice if my Foursquare Check in History could be displayed or used in reverse geocoding.

        I also like GeoSetter Favorites, I noticed the information is stored in an XML file. Have you considered using a SQLite db? This way if someone has a sizeable location db it can be imported as Favorites.

        1. Hi,
          I have API for google maps, but don’t know how to implement in Geosetter.
          Please help.
          Thank you!

  4. Thank you for all your hard work on Geosetter. It’s a really good program and I look forward to seeing what version 4 is going to look like.

  5. Than you Friedemann! The website looks good, but v.4 of Geosetter looks even better from what I’ve seen! When are you going to show this marvel to the world? I know you are a perfectionist, but in my book 99.9999% perfect is good enough. Please release it!

  6. Hi Friedemann,
    Bonne chance!
    Good luck!
    The new version does not seem to need further translation!

  7. Hi Friedemann,
    I took a closer look at the translation into Italian but, contrary to what I had thought, you used the old translation (that I assume made by Thomas Krueger) and not mine. In fact, all the menus are back to the ancient “italiota” (that is: almost Italian).
    (from Google Translate: Ich habe mir die Übersetzung ins Italienische genauer angeschaut, aber im Gegensatz zu dem, was ich dachte, hast du die alte Übersetzung (die ich von Thomas Krüger vermutete) und nicht meine verwendet. In der Tat sind alle Menüs zurück zu den alten “Italiota” (das heißt: fast Italienisch).

    1. I think you are doing the translation for version 4, don’t you? Because a lot of things are changing, it would not fit to this version 3.5, I think… But of course I can check it…

  8. thanks for working on v4. using GeoSetter for the last 6 years and weekly for the last three years, for geotagging photos to upload to Mapillary.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Thank you for your efforts.
    It was very useful and was not available because it was not updated.
    I would like to thank you once again for the hope of developing into a better program.

  10. I appreciate your work and Geosetter helped me a lot in the old days with Nikon NEF. Now Nikon changed to a new NEF format which I encountered problem.

    Nikon manage NEF with sidecar and it seems that Geosetter only change the location in the NEF but not the location in sidecar. When the NEF is exported to JPG with CaptureNX-D, the JPG carried the original instead of the modified geo data. I hope you will look into the issue.

    Thanks for your effort in developing Geosetter. It is one of my favourite photo managing software.

  11. Very much appreciate your work on this program.
    I do hope the KML exports from Google Maps will work in the new version. I have a couple of cameras that I want to track with my phone settings and the KML import doesn’t work currently.

      1. I think I missed your reply, or have forgotten at least 🙂
        I hope you just mistyped your response to my comment, I was referring to KML IMport not EXport. I want to get my GPS location tracks from Google and add the locations to the photos, based on the time. Is that feasible?

  12. Great news! Geosetter is the best and I’m looking forward to new version. It helps me a lot, especially GPS Image Direction feature on a map that helps me in my mapping projects a lot. Thank you for 1000 times.

  13. Great news!
    GeoSetter has geotagged thousands of my photos.
    I know how hard it is to create great software, fantastic work so far and looking forward for what’s next.

  14. Hi Friedemann,
    tx a lot, just donated. I love geosetter, and looking forward to v4.0.
    grtz from Amsterdam

  15. Is it possible to add Date and Time Taken image metadata based on image timestamp from file name with GeoSetter software?

  16. Hello from Spain.

    I just want to thank you for the work you have done during these years and tell you that I am glad that you are going back to the project with a new version of the program.

    Best regards,

  17. Hi Friedemann,
    Delighted to hear that you are working on version 4. Really looking forward to it.

  18. I’m a new kid on the block, from Majorca. I Just discovered your program 2 months a go and really like it even I still not use it at it’s 30% possibilities. I like photography and tracking and it help me to put both together. I tried to read the help file but after the main menu nothing else appear, no matter what you choose. Am I doing something wrong?
    Of course I will support you (donation) if I keep using your program and I think I will. Congratulations for the fantastic work you are doing.

  19. Hi Friedmann,

    I am very happy to learn that you not abandoned this wonderful program. I use version 3.5 a lot, it is a very capable and useful tool. I look forward to your version 4!.
    Thank a lot

  20. I’ve used your fantastic program for many years and It still does what I need. Please use my small donation today to update the map.

  21. I am so happy with the news! Geosetter is such a useful asset for an amateur photographer and geo-tagging enthusiast/freak. You’ve saved my life dozens of times with this app. Thanks!

  22. I hope it will be possible to geotag both arw. and dng.files, which I’m not able to now with the current version.
    In the program screen it looks like its done, because it lists the coordinates, but saving those ‘geotagged’ files to .jpg does not include the gps coordinates

  23. Very happy with GeoSetter, have been using it for years to identify travel photos. Hoping version 4 will solve the recent “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” error message and “For development purposes only” overlay on google maps. Unfortunately it has made using GeoSetter much more difficult unless there is a workaround.

  24. I saw on Mantis that you are well aware of the issue of the Google maps. I fully support the idea allow each user to get their own Google key. Not all that different the what you allow us to do with GEONAMES.

    In my exploration for good DAM I recall some that required getting a Google Key. It was not difficult.

    Also while you are at it I saw some photo programs that allowed a much deeper hierarchy of location fields. I often find the four fields you offer confining.


  25. Hi Friedmann,

    Just reading up on the blog and wondering if there are any updates being the start of October now.

    Really looking forward to V4.0. Any news on % complete and when this might be released?

    We all i think would be keen for such an update.

    Many thanks in advance and for the years of use.

  26. I’m a happy user for many years and I wait urgently for the new Version 4.0. In the meantime, do you have a quick fix for the Google maps no longer working correctly (missing API), such as a link to an Openstreetmap? I’m sure it will work correct in version 4.0.

    Thanks a lot for your greatwork!

  27. I hope you are moving with version 4. Just noticed that Google Maps got an overlay with a warning.
    Really looking forward to what you come up with.

  28. I was an avid user of Google’s Picasa3 with it’s ease of adding Geotags. I am very pleased I have found a suitable/better replacement. Keep up the great work!

  29. Hello
    I have used this great program since I met it a few years ago but since this summer the geolocation of my photos has stopped working because the program does not load the google maps.
    Is there any solution?
    My operating system is Windows 10
    Thank you

  30. Geosetter is great, been using to geotag pictures for a long time and it is my go to program, looking forward to version 4.0, was looking for a reliable and powerful tool to tag the thousands of pictures i taken on the many many wildlife photography trips i take and stumbled on this years ago and i’ve used ever since as my go to tool – your a life save Friedemann.

  31. Great program, just gave a donation.

    Google Maps has the watermark “For Development Purposes Only” This doesn’t seem to be a problem.

  32. Hi
    Thanks for your great tool!
    Just to let you know I encountered the issue with google maps “For development”. I fixed it for myself – and it works – by doing this (one needs to have his own web server for doing this):
    * copied the map html file on my server
    * replaced your API key with my own API key in the file
    * Hardcoded location of json3.js and image files to your site.
    * pointed to my copy of the map file on my server in your preference page.

    If you would want to do it for all, you would have:
    * have a preference where one can fill his own API key
    * transform your html file into a php file
    * when calling the map file, pass as an argument the API key
    * in the map file retrive the API key with php, and stick it into the line where it belongs.

  33. Does anybody know why the map in my Geosetter program has an overlay that says ‘For development purposes only’ – currently running v3.5.0 and how I can get rid of the overlay? While the map is still usable the dark overlay makes it very difficult to see.

    I have read the post on the need for Internet Explorer, but not sure what I should be looking for that might cure this problem – currently running the ‘out of the box’ installation of IE 11.345.17134.0 installed with Windows 10.

  34. Dear Friedmann ;
    Thank you very much for this amazing utility.
    I believe many people are waiting for the new version here in Korea, too.
    But I can wait. Never reduce your happy time with your family for this work! ^.^

  35. Dear Friedemann,

    Glad to see you back in action on Geosetter v4. This is clearly the best tool for geo-tagging and i have been using it for many years. there is really no replacement. Thankyou


  36. In a previous version I could open photos from Geosetter into the default image viewer. I can’t find it now. Will it be restored in future versions please?

    Thanks for such a great piece of kit.


  37. Hi!
    How can I start Geosetter in collection mode?
    I tried this:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Geosetter\GeoSetter.exe” /PARAMS:”C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\geosetter.txt” /COLLECTION
    but all I get is an error saying “Geosetter has been started with unknown parameters”.
    Somehow it works from a java script (in iMatch), but not from a command line …
    This is the java script that works:
    function executeGeoSetter() {
    ‘executable’ : ‘\”‘ + geosetter + ‘\”‘,
    ‘verb’ : ‘open’,
    ‘parameters’ : ‘ /PARAMS=\”‘ + geosetterparam + ‘\”‘,
    ‘showwindow’ : true
    So I know it is possible … but I can’t find any documentation mentioning this collection mode.

    Thanks for any help!

  38. I’m in the late 60, I have a lot analog photos take in 1970, with Geosetter I can show my friend where the photo been taken, thank a lot

  39. Any chance of a map search facility on the next version? – to be honest I find Geosetter extremely difficult to use without this.

  40. Hi Friedmann
    Have you run into this issue about the map displaying dimmed with “For development purposes only”? Do we users have to get a Google API Key or not?

  41. I emailed directly but add this comment for others to add their support?

    Geosetter is a really fine application and server me well for several years with my EOS 7D, then 6D. When I upgraded to 6Dmk II it included GPS but since have got a EOS M5 which uses .CR3 RAW not CR2 (and doesn’t have a built in GPS.) The latest EOS R also has CR3 and guess all new Canons will do likewise.

    Any chance that next release will include working with ..CR3 RAW? Would happily contribute to a ‘working fund’ to add this!

    regards and many thanks for a superb application


  42. This might not necessary for your target audience but have you considered a getting started guide, specifically aimed at novices?

    I am one of those said novices and I am trying to use GeoSetter to fix the date and timestamps on my pictures and add in the geo coordinates but the Settings screen is overwhelming. I’ve referenced the built-in Help and it helps a little but I am still not too confident. I think having a guide that walks through setting up the app to the least destructive mode would be a huge help. For example, preserving the original date/time when you make changes to an image should be the default option IMO. It should never change unless explicitly done so. But a novice user wouldn’t be able to tell those until after they use the program and find the issue afterwards.

    Like I said, perhaps this is not aimed at novices and thus it’s not necessary but I think it would be helpful.

  43. Just discovered the app. Is so useful! Fantastic job. Can hardly wait for the new version. Keep working on it if you can. It would be great to see it on 2019. Thx for the hard work.

  44. Hi Everyone,
    I’m new to using Geosetter. Ran across it while trying to figure out how to geotag photos I take with my Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark ii camera. It was a “how to do it” written by MacGyver9. Problem is refers to screens and actions that are on some older version of GeoSetter. So, I’m looking all over the web for a simple tutorial on how to take a set of .jpg files in a folder, and a .gpx file recording track information on a Garmin Oregon 550t and then use Geotagger to write the GPS coordinates and elevation (and if possible temperature) into the EXIF of the jpg files. When I tried to fuddle my way through it, it did it, but created a whole new set of files with suffix .xmp that I did not really want. I don’t even know what they are, or why they were created. Then there were 8 files that it flagged as having some error (I forgot to write down what the actual message said). So, in short, if someone could please point me to a simple user guide that I can use to learn how to use this fine piece of software, I’d be very grateful!

  45. Dear Friedmann,

    I’m having a problem with GeoSetter 3.5 under windows 10 I have a message to display a photo on the map
    Google can not load Google MAPS correctly on this page on the map also contains text For development purposes only
    Do you have a solution to solve this problem

  46. Hi
    Since November 2018 Google Maps are no longer displayed in Geosetter because the policy of Google has changed.
    Is it possible to replace GoogleMap with OpenStreetMap or another OpenSource application ?
    Yves ECHARD
    Thorigny sur Marne

  47. Thanks for all your work, you’ve produced an excellent product.

    Google seems to be changing it’s map API, charging for use, possibly putting the burden of the map image look-ups of all your users upon your web server, which, if so, would likely exceed your US$200 credit. If that’s a case, here’s a brainstorm thought: Maybe ask your users to each sign up individually with Google to get a map key of their own, which would be entered into Geosetter and used to do queries. Maybe that’s a way for each user’s use to be borne by that user, each enjoying their own US$200 Google credit. (I don’t know if Google would allow that or has thought of that, but why not?)

    It’s sad that Google is taking this approach.

    Let us know if there’s any way we can help.

  48. Hello! Furst of all, thank you for your great work with GeoSetter. As you wrote, you working on versin 4. Have you actual plan to realease it? Anather question – I have problem with loading map in my GeoSetter (Windows 10), can you take me any advise for resolve this?

  49. Any idea when version 4 will be released? I was just wondering, because we are already 2019 and I haven’t heard anything about it anymore.

    Thanks for any information you can give us.

    Best regards,
    Rudy Mas

  50. Hello,

    This is not a comment but a question. Search here but could not find an answer.
    I got the error message: 80020101 when going to map, uninstalled and re-installed did not chage anything, any clue?
    “Message: 29/01/2019 10:43:38 ERROR: Impossible d’effectuer l’opération à cause de l’erreur suivante 80020101
    showMap3(2, 0, 52.3860995262, -76.1290619710, 3);
    29/01/2019 10:43:38 setMapDimension(1084, 830);
    29/01/2019 10:43:38 updateCustomLayers(‘{ “layers”: [ ] }’);”
    Thanks, cordialy,

  51. I am very happy with your programm and I look forward at your 4.0 version. It would be very convenient that the location information, Land, City adress automaticly load in the Exif part , thanks !!

  52. Fantastic to hear, Geosetter is such a useful piece of software. It’s the first step in my photo workflow to embed coordinates and basic metadata, and the ability to export thumbnails with track into KML is so useful when doing field mapping – you can just take photos of features of interest and then work in google earth or GIS. So interested to see what version 4 looks like! Thanks for an amazing tool.

  53. Thank you for this! I’ve had other programs do this in the past (Adobe Photoshop Elements) but they are difficult to use and lack functionality. Really appreciate what you’ve done here. I’m passing this on to all my friends at work. Hopefully they’ll donate as I have.

  54. We’re reading these notes in May 2019 and we just imagine that you’ll release Geosetter after this summer.
    Let us know some forecast about new version of your very usefull application, please.

  55. I’ve been searching, for a long time, for a program to geotag my photo’s.
    My search is finally over!
    Thank you so much, you’re a lifesaver!

  56. Whoop!
    I’ve been using Photo Mechanic for reverse gps but it’s expensive and I’m only on the trial version. It uses openstreetmap which has a lot more accurate info than google/genomics etc – if you could implement an api selector that would be awesome. Friedls Lightroom plugin also allows you to select which metadata from a location is important (so rather than having ’23’ as a building number populate the location field you can make it select ‘Cafe Nero’ for example.

  57. Hi Friedmann,
    I am glad to know that the version 4 is coming.
    My hometown is in China. The GeoSetter has been working well in China until I went back to China about two months ago. As we all know, the normal link of google maps cannot work in China. But the link and OpenStreetMap work well.
    I have a wish that the new GeoSetter works well in China, whether you have some comments on China or not.
    Any effort on that issue will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  58. Thanks for your great App.
    I’m using it from China, as Google is blocked here, I need VPN to make the App work.
    Is it possible to add support for Google maps Chinese version works without VPN in China) in the new version 4 ?
    Thanks again !

  59. Thanks very much from France to give us some of your spare time for that fantastic soft, Friedemann!
    I’m impatient to see your new version, as this one already does the job very well 🙂

    Best regards.

  60. All I can say is this app is a gem! Nothing else available that I can find that does everything I need for Engineering Site Documentation and preliminary design. Especially useful when areas are large and many photos are needed to document. Without this app it would be difficult to understand what is being looked at on most of the photos.

  61. Thank you so much for your work, Friedemann.
    Maybe recently the exiftool update url changed, because checking for a new version from geosetter fails with an error.
    Thanks again,

  62. At the moment (1) the EXIFTOOL update check no longer works, (2) the GeoSetter support site is down, and (3) there have been no updates for 18 months.

    Can we assume that development has been abandoned? (If so, it would be a shame as it’s a great tool)

    1. No, development isn’t abandoned. I was ill for a long time and working on GeoSetter was too much for me. A few weeks ago I moved my webspace to another provider. This is why the bug tracker didn’t work anymore. The update check in GeoSetter for ExifTool doesn’t work anymore because the ExifTool website now uses SSL which GeoSetter can’t handle at the moment. I will repar this…

      1. Ich hoffe es geht jetzt Ihnen wieder alles gut.

        Maybe you should consider to put GeoSetter opensource (e.g on Github or gitlab), and get some support from the community to help you in the further development!
        It would be a real pity if GeoSetter don’t get further developed only because you don’t have enough time anymore (which is fully understandable)

  63. Bonjour M Schmidt
    j’utilise votre GeoSettter depuis pas mal de temps avec grande satisfaction. Hier en le lançant j’ai vu une alerte au sujet d’une mise à jour. En espérant pouvoir continuer avec votre système, Je viens l’installer. Je vous encourage et vous remercie de votre beau travail.
    Salutations d’Île de France.

  64. I’d like to pitch in with my very, very great appreciation for your hard work in developing and maintaining such a helpful, functional and extremely well thought out application. I spend many hours using it to geotag my thousands of photos after every vacation. GeoSetter is one of my all-time favorites, so I actually just did something that I (shame on me!) rarely do, that is donate to the developer of a utility I rely on. Looking so much forward to version 4!

  65. I love Geosetter very much. My photos in archive folder are all tagged with GPS. All by Geosetter’s help.
    Now, as I bought Canon RP and M6 MarkII, I found version 3.5.3-2195 does not show CR3 files in the list. I hope your kind rework on this matter, with your spare time, of cause.

    (BTW, I use my own map_google.html with my API key to show maps.)

  66. will the TIF speed ever be fixed? geosetter is basically unusable with TIF files. it is too slow…

  67. Used the program to manage some old (1970-2000) files, made with scanning equipment (dias and photos). Now I am able to add additional info like geographic location etc. I then tried to add also date picture take which does seem to wortk, but when trying to do batches, it doesn’t do that correctly. Sometimes it adds the data (new date) to multiple files at once, but mostly not. Is this a known issue? I already updated the exiftool that came with the program to the latest (11.99) version, but that ddid not made any difference in behaviour.

  68. Thank you so much!

    I’d love to make a donation. Do you have Venmo? I have a credit there I’d like to share (Sadly, I am a teacher so it won’t be as much as I’d like to give)

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