GeoSetter and Internet Explorer

I often will be asked why GeoSetter needs an installed Internet Explorer, currently Version 10. It doesn’t play a role if you also have Chrome, Firefox, Opera or another browser installed on your system. GeoSetter uses the IE.

The reason for it is, that only the Internet Explorer can be embedded into applications as an ActiveX control. The map window which is shown in GeoSetter is the Internet Explorer, of course without any surrounding stuff, without menus, without a toolbar etc..

Obviously the Internet Explorer is installed on each Windows machine – unless you didn’t uninstall it for yourself. So GeoSetter should run on each Windows system, but unfortunately it doesn’t. By now GeoSetter is using Google Maps API, a JavaScript interface for showing the map. As Google continuously extends the functionality of their API, using up to date JavaScript functionality, Google always requires a minimum version of browsers for running their code. At the moment, for the IE, it’s version 10 (please see here: Google Maps JavaScript Browser Support). Unfortunately this version is not installable on Windows XP, as XP doesn’t fulfill the security requirements of this browser and all newer versions. In consequence: GeoSetter doesn’t work correctly on Windows XP. It runs, but the map will not work completely or it will produce error messages or wrong behaviour. I’m afraid this can’t be changed by me…


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  2. А где скачать старые версии, которые поддерживают XP?

    1. Because it’s Google which requires IE 10, not GeoSetter, there’s no older version of GeoSetter you can use. All versions of GeoSetter use Google Maps… I’m sorry!

      1. I know I am late to the party here, but I hope I can get some info on this,

        I am using firefox, and I am wondering if there is some way to use this with firefox instead, by making sure my browser is supplying what ever it is that IE 10 is supplying and google is demanding?

        1. It is right there in the blog post you’re commenting:

          “The reason for it is, that only the Internet Explorer can be embedded into applications as an ActiveX control.”

  3. I know about it. I also search for it on the topic from there I collect some things then I used it and now it running smoothly. if you want to know that things then just browse the site and know from it.

  4. This looks as though it has great potential; thanks.
    I’m haveing great trouble seeing any map – IE is installed on Win10, I added Geosetter to prorams allowed through Win’s firewall, Google Maps is working fine in IE10. I can’t think of anything else to check. Using MBAM and WinDefender+Firewall.
    The map panel says:
    “The Map can’t be found at: [* indeed, that page doesn’t seem to exist]
    Please Fill In The Correct Path at Program Settings…
    This problem can also be caused by the following reasons:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer is not installed properly
    Security settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer prohibits executing active scripting
    Proxy server (please adjust this also in the program settings)
    Firewall which blocks GeoSetter accessing the internet”

    I see that in IE settings, Advanced, Security – ‘Allow active content to run in files on my computer’ is not ticked; should it be? Danger?

    Thx. PhredE

  5. Geosetter offers the choice of maps, and it is possible to choose OpenStreetMap. Is then Google still in use?
    It is btw confusing than the Google Logo still appears in the maps, although we use OpenStreetMap!

  6. Hi since a few days in the map windows I’m getting an watermark with “for development purpose only”.
    I’m using google map, do you have any suggestion ?

  7. I have MS Edge installed on my computer. Is that equivalent to IE10?

    I use Geosetter as a stand alone app, unrelated to any browser (in think).

    Google maps are not accessible with my set-up. I get a message “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” when I open a map. So I use the Open Street option.

    The OpenStreet map has a Google logo on it, so I assume that the map was opened in Chrome. Is that right?

    Is my problem that these maps open In Chrome rather than IE? Can I set Geosetter to open the maps in IE, or do I have to change my default browswer?

    I note above the comment “GeoSetter can be added to the browser.” How is this done?

    Adobe just announced they are no longer supporting maps for Lightroom 6. That makes Geosetter even more useful. Thanks for any help

  8. I have recently faced a problem; The map is dark and it has a water mark “for development purpose only”.
    I read somewhere that the Google Maps API is no longer for free and they charge something like 200 USD for the API key.
    Is there any way around this? could you maybe try working with Bing Maps or Yahoo Maps or something else instead of Google?

  9. I think Map function doesn’t work any more. Maybe cause of Google. I’ve heard that the company doesn’t allow any more, the use of maps into software. I have a Sony software for my camera, with the same restriction into the new version.

  10. Im using win 10 64bit, it comes with Edge, (which I dont use) but google maps do not work with it,
    it is a real pain to get rid of Edge, and even more to find and install IE10.

  11. I have Edge, Chrome and IE10 on my computer. I can’t get a “clean” version of Google maps top show in the Map window. The map is there, somewhat greyed out with a watermark that reads “for development only”. I have an old computer with older versions of Geosetter which used to show the map in all its functionality. They are now equally corrupted. Is there a fix for this?

    1. Contact Google and get your own license for their API. Friedemann’s API we’ve all be using is only good for a limited amount of hits before fees begin to add up. It’s not fair to Friedemann! He’s already give us a great piece of software. If we each had our own API license, we’d likely never hit the threshold where it will cost us anything. Then the grayed out, watermarked screen won’t be there and the maps will behave as you’ve come to expect.

  12. Estimado Friedemann, Te envío un saludo fraternal desde Guatemala en América Central. Soy usuario de tu bellísima aplicación: “GeoSetter” desde las primeras versiones. Esta última versión (3.5) ha sido muy buena, pero desde que Windows nos “obligó” a migrar de Windows 7 a Windows 8 y luego a 10, GeoSetter ya no pudo apreciarse bien por razones del mapa. He tratado de conseguir otras aplicaciones para mis fotos, pero ninguna como GeoSetter. Desde entonces, no dejo de buscar cada semana la tan esperada versión 4 de GeoSetter. Felicitaciones por tan magnifica aplicación.
    Cordiales saludos.

  13. HELP!

    I’ve been using with my own Google API for most of this year. I have a copy of the file “file:///C:/Users/Jack/map_google.html” and it is specified in the setup dialog.

    It seems MS has stopped offering IE-10 for Win-10 and now has updated to IE-11. Is this a factor in the problem shown below?

    I just started getting (Instead of the map):
    2019-11-22 6:15:50 PM ERROR: OLE-Fehler 80020101
    showMap3(2, 2, 48.4732692488, -114.1421523575, 11);
    2019-11-22 6:15:51 PM ERROR: OLE-Fehler 80020101
    showMap3(2, 2, 0.0000000000, 0.0000000000, 11);

  14. I would love to get rid of the “development purposes only” from the map… how would I set up the API for my own use? I have set up the Google cloud, and set up the project, but no idea on what API I should set up, nor how to link it within GeoSetter… Any idea on how to do so?

  15. from the link above regarding Google maps support and IE:

    “Support for Internet Explorer 10 will end between November 2019 and May 2020 depending on the release channel or version number you use.”

    so this thread can be soon updated as IE11 as requirement.

    But since Microsoft has now also abandoned Edge on his own engine and will soon only provide Edge based on Chromium, and since ActiveX is also an obsolete technology, it looks like a big refactoring required within GeoSetter.

    Friedman: the whole software industry is going open source.
    Maybe you should really think about pushing Geosetter to Gitlab or Github, and ask other motivated contributors to help you in your software: it seems you have not much time anymore to update it: it would be a pity if it got “lost”…

  16. Solution to the map problem: leave the /map_google.html in the menu:
    Bestand/Instellingen/Kaart/Map Address and Layers (in English: the first menu in the left corner, then down to submenu Configuration, then Map, and then the tab with: Map Address and Layers.)
    and then go to the menu ‘Kaart’ (English ‘Map’) and submenu Type, and choose OpenStreetMap (instead of the Google choices).

  17. I have a problem.
    ” The Map can’t be found at:

    Please Fill In The Correct Path at Program Settings…

    This problem can also be caused by the following reasons:

    •Microsoft Internet Explorer is not installed properly
    •Security settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer prohibits executing active scripting
    •Proxy server (please adjust this also in the program settings)
    •Firewall which blocks GeoSetter accessing the internet ”
    i need your help, pls

  18. The new Windows 11 does not have IE, but instead has an IE module within Edge. Will Geosetter work with this?

  19. Witam
    Pojawił mi się taki komunikat.
    2022-02-21 23:34:58 ERROR: Nie można zakończyć operacji z powodu błędu 80020101
    showMap3(2, 4, 51.0798824566, 14.9481718899, 14);

    Nie wyświetla się wogóle mapa.

  20. In effetti geosetter non visualizza più la mappa quindi è diventato inutile. Quando puoi aggiornare che utilizzi il browser aggiornato per visualizzare ancora la mappa. Grazie

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