Update 3.4.0

+ New designed interface and functionalety for synchronizing meta data between image files
+ Support for custom file types
+ Support for compass information of Mikrokopter track files
+ New map type MyTopo
+ Quick access to adjust thumbnail sizes …

Update 3.3.60

+ Optional synchronizing of heading data when synchronizing with GPS track files.
! After saving of creator data (Byline name in GeoSetter), maybe Adobe software did not recognize some meta data anymore (including development settings in Lightroom) after initially saving …

Update 3.3.57

+ Support for binary files of WinTec WBT-202-GPS-Logger (by using GPSBabel Beta 1.3.7)
! Adobe applications do not recognize metadata anymore after saving creator in XMP data (still needs clarification, saving of creator is temporary disabled)
! Program hangs up …

Update 3.3.43

+ Right click on blue image markers for assigning/copying image data
+ Right click on map for assigning image positions and selecting nearby images
+ Assigning keyboard shortcuts to search-/filter templates
+ Filetype option for setting file date to taken …

Update 3.3.18

+ Some changes regarding adding and modifying image directions (new toolbar button and menu option for adding image direction and possibility to add/modify image direction by dragging image markers on the map)
+ Optimized display of image direction of focused …

Update 3.3.0

+ Editing and showing image directions
+ Show/hide overview map
+ Filter setting for startup
+ Enable/disable custom filter
+ Filter info
+ Show faces (identified by Google Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery)
+ Assign waypoints names
+ Activate/deactivate …

Update 3.2.0

+ Supports multiprocessing when saving image data
+ Functionalety for renaming image files
+ Copy and paste of meta data
+ Option to show imperial measurement units
+ Selection of IPTC character coding
+ Customizing toolbar
+ Shortcuts for menu …

Update 3.1.5

! Preview of ARW files displays in very low resolution
! Sometimes changes can’t be saved
! Ratings won’t be read sometimes
! Strange progressbar behaviour when uploading to locr
! Some RAW files will be exported in wrong orientation …

Update 3.0.0

+ Floating and dockable windows
+ Customizable filter and search criteria
+ Showing image files from subfolders (flat mode)
+ Upload and synchronization with locr.com
+ Showing currently focused image as seperate marker in map
+ Additional options for export …

Update 2.5.2

+ New option in GPS synchronization dialog by using synchronization time offset after selecting a trackpoint and a reference image
+ New option in GPS synchronization dialog for synchronizing with all track files in current directory
+ Renaming of track …

Update 2.5.1

+ Online help (still under construction, many thanks to Heiko Leupolz)
+ Support for Sony Raw files (ARW, SR2 and SRF)
+ Shell context menu for Windows Eplorer
+ Command line parameters
+ Improved handling of map position favorites
+ …

Update 2.4.0

+ Improved dialog for synchronization with GPS files
+ GPS synchronization report
+ Improved track functionalety (improved presentation in tree view, waypoints, possibility to split tracks automatically when exceeding distance or time between two track coordinates etc.)
+ Proxy settings…

Udpate 2.2.5

+ Improved GPS synchronization
+ Possibility to edit online requested location data directly
+ New translations (Danish and Dutch)
* Deactivated automatic removal of directory favorites
* Optimized data dialog
! Error when writing IPTC/XMP data containing quotes
! Exception …

Update 1.2.1

+ Minolta RAW files (MRW) included
+ Filling IPTC location fields (country, state/province, city etc.) automatically
+ Adjustable columns, thumbnails and hints
+ Translation to Russian language (many thanks to Andrey Ilyin)

And a lot of changes at the user …