Update 3.5

Since 2011 there was no regular release of GeoSetter anymore. But there always was a beta version, on which I sometimes did some fixings or minor changes. Now I changed this version to the new regular release 3.5. It doesn’t contain any big changes or new functionality. This will come later with a major update (see also New Website, new GeoSetter Version?).

One improvement to the former version 3.4.16 is now the support for Google’s requirements regarding the version of Internet Explorer. Additionally there were problems with image files from iOS 11 devices in the last weeks, which have been read in very very slowly. This is also fixed now. Furthermore there are a lot of minor changes and fixes which I did during the last years. I will not list them all here now.

Please note: I removed the functionality for synchronizing metadata between files and folders because of some problems. As far as I know not so much users will miss that – I hope.

By the way, please see my post regarding the requirements for installed Internet Explorer here: GeoSetter and Internet Explorer


  1. The older version of IE11 is not supported anymore as it has some major security issue. Use its latest version Microsoft edge, IE11. These are a secure browser, chrome is one of the most used browsers.

  2. When I select View => Map the window that is opened shoes a watermark saying: “For development purposes only”. This didn-t happen 1 year ago, when I used Geosetter for the first time.
    Is there a workaround for this? Thank you for this great program.

  3. Geosetter is a great tool, am I using it since many years, a lot of meta-data management better and more powerful than Lightroom. I also used the feature for synchronizing metadata a lot and I am missing it. It would be nice to include in the future or provide as stand alone tool, even though it might have some problems.

  4. He utilizado ete programa desde su inicio y siempre ha funcionado perfectamente. Desde hace poco tiempo ya no carga los mapas de google pues me dic que tengo que tener una KEY API.
    Utilizo windows 10

  5. Dear Jeffrey,

    Thanks for geosetter which makes life easier to unexperimented users like me.
    I have tried for hours to find how to synchronise images in folder looking for the ad hoc icon or the correct line in the menus. Finally, I visited the web side and red “I removed the functionality for synchronizing metadata between files and folders because of some problems”. Things became suddenly more clear !
    Is it any possibility to recover this functionality ?

    Or perhaps can you help me in what I would like to do. Indeed 2 things. First I use a flir duo pro which is a twin sensor, one is visible (JPEG) and the second is thermal (12 bit IFF); Each shoot provides with 2 images absolutely synchronous. Both are geotagged (and geosetter is the rarest software that displays X,Y of the thermal tiff’s and I do not know why) but thermal does not show track direction. I aim at producing orthomosaics using sontext capture, I can do with “day” JPG’s but fails with thermal TIF’S and the lack of track direction information is a possibly reason. So I would like to add track direction to the thermal direction and preferably with an automatic procedure as I have hundreds of images to process. What do you suggest ? Second I also use a mapir camera which provides a jpeg and a raw of visible and infrared in order to compute vegetation indexes. They provide a software which adds geotags to the raw, but coordinates are lost when computing indexes. So How can I geotag the computed indexes from the original JPG’s.
    Many thanks in advance.

  6. Hi,

    Thank’s for the very efficient software, i like and use it for many time and it’s cleary the best for GeoCoding.
    I dare to ask for a “small” evolution if possible: could we have keyboard shortcuts to assign notes (for example 0,1,2… or CTRL+0, CTRL+1,… or any other…) ?
    Thank you again for this wonderful application !

  7. I use GeoSetter for many, many years now, its very intuitive and has a lot of options, but still is very fast and efficient.

    But I’m still on version 3.4.16, because I use “synchronizing metadata between files” a lot, especially the partial filename-comparison (and visual lookup). But unfortunately this was removed in newer versions. I did not encounter bugs or other flaws in this older version, so I don’t mind for now. But I hope you will add this very handy feature again in the future. I fear that sometime in the future the google map-function will not work anymore in this older version.

    Some background of how and why I use this feature: I’m an amateur insect (telemacro) photographer and I share my photos of species observations on open nature-science platforms. When I return from a trip, I usually have 1000’s of raw-photos. First I select and edit the photos which are important for proof of determiniation of the species (so not the most prettiest, but the most usefull). To these photos I add exact coordinates via GeoSetter (quite some work in total) and upload them to the science platforms.

    For my own album, I do select the prettiest photos. Most of the times this is another photo then the ones selected earlier. But because the photonumber and the time taken is not exactly the same, I use sync metadata with partial-filename comparison and visually check if it is the same insect and copy only the coordinates. A very unique feature!

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