A Minor Update after a Long Time

An update to version 3.5.1 after more than one year. Unfortunately only a tiny update. Due to a long illness the work on GeoSetter is now almost 1 1/2 years behind. In the meantime, Google unfortunately changed the business model regarding the use of the Google Maps API. Unfortunately this leads to a darkened map and the hints “For development purposes only”. The reason for this is that I unfortunately had to drastically reduce the daily access of the users to the map via my Google key. Google’s first monthly bill was just under 500 Euros, which has fortunately settled down to between 50 and 100 Euros per month in the last few months due to my limitation. I would like to take this occasion to thank all users who have given me financial appreciation during this time!! 🙂 ❤ By the way, the map works, it just looks stupid…

I will now change the map to another JavaScript library, so that the mentioned restrictions will be removed. In my current estimation, this should also remove the limitation to Internet Explorer 10, so that it would probably be possible to use it under Windows XP, for example. GeoSetter would then probably be more open for many possibilities, e.g. the use of a locally installed map service, so GeoSetter could be used offline, for example. I ask for your understanding that apart from this change regarding the map connection, I will not do any changes in version 3 except for some really serious problems. As already mentioned here 1 1/2 years ago, I will resume work on version 4 instead. I don’t make any forecasts regarding a release date anymore, that was a bit of a problem last year 😀


  1. Thank you very much for this latest update Friedemann!!
    Very useful for me, I’ve been using Geosetter for ages … 😉
    Good job!!
    Regards from Tenerife, the Canary Islands.

  2. Thank you very much for the update.

    Hope that your health continues to improve – it’s far more important than anything else.

  3. Great work, one of the few tools I have been using for years! But not as near as important as your health. Take care!

  4. Many thanks for your effort! Your GeoSetter is a fantastic software that I use very often. I am looking forward to every update and especially to the new concept for the maps. But most important is your health!
    Maybe in the meantime you can write a workaround on how to use an own API key. I found a tutorial in the DSLR forum, but I can’t handle it.
    Best regards and good health!

  5. Great to see an update, such a useful piece of software that I’ve been using to slowly tag all my personal photos.

  6. Unfortunately the same API change killed off a load of fun free google maps based games.

    Even though you don’t intend to do any more updates for v3, I suggest a minor update of adding an option in the prefs so users can paste their own google keys.

  7. Concerning the key for google maps, I read somewhere that I (and anyone else) can ask for a personal key that will allow x number of uses of maps.
    Correct? And maybe an alternative to the use of maps in geosetter?
    What about using Bing Maps ? Or “Here”?


  8. Glad to hear from you, Friedemann!! I hope your health goes better soon!!

    I think it’s a very good suggestion that of having an option to put user’s own API key for using maps. I will miss the synchro between folders option,as I shoot in RAW and I reveal photos to JPG in an automatically subfolder under each RAW folder. So I have 2 sets of images, and it was fantastic to edit the RAW files’ metadata and then export / synchronize with the JPG folder’s files. But hey, I’ll keep using your fantastic tool.

    Again, the most important thing is your health, so take care and be healthy soon. Greetings from Barcelona.

  9. I have such a key and use it for some of my own mapping-related projects. I have no problem using my own key in GeoSetter if it would fix this minor annoyance.

  10. What a wonderful surprise to see the upgrade information when I started GeoSetter this morning)!
    I thought the project was finished long ago. I can easily live with the Google API stuff, if you just need the map (not Satellite), OpenStreetMap works perfect in my opinion.
    In earlier version of GeoSetter the program crashed when I tried to edit or create templates. That problem started with Windows 10 but with this new version, 3.5.3, I can happily report that it no longer crashes.

    Finally, I wish you all the best. Of course it would be nice to get a version 4 (is it too much to hope for a macOS version?), most important is of course that you take care of yourself! Thanks again.

  11. Thank very much for your work! Geosetter is really a nice program.
    I much appreciate your effort developing it for the community

  12. Hope you get well!

    It would be nice if a future release could also have an option to use OSM Nomatim for reverse geocoding as in some places of the world it is quite detailed with building/place names as well as streets.

  13. Hi!! The KMZ’s generated with Geosetter works fine in Google Earth (embed images ok), but the same KMZ in Google My Maps only show images as thumbnail (not in normal size when click over the thumbnail). Do you know why? Regards!!

  14. Very nice application for me, and I would like to report a bug that is, if I replace the latest timezone data, downloaded from IANA, will cause immediately FC.

    exception class : EConvertError
    exception message : ”1945/9/30 24:0:0.0” ist kein gültiges Datum und Zeit.

    (I also replaced with the latest exiftool.)

  15. I have a solution

    Solution 1:
    Allow users to enter their own API keys
    Multiple Key entries will help to use the software in bulk edit mode

    Solution 2:
    API Keys Table
    create multiple keys


    access each key per call
    so that the usage limit of keys can be controlled

  16. The PDF file from Phil is 0KB…
    I found a zip copy, did exactly as described therein (including getting an API) and get the following error
    6/3/2020 11:02:06 PM ERROR: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101
    showFocusMarker(16.7983013900, 96.1489230600, 1, true, 16.7987315357, 96.1490581190, 16.7987498324, 96.1489495305, 16.7986894841, 96.1491592488, true);
    instead of a map ( in the MapLog).
    Anyone any idea how to correct this?

  17. Bonjour,

    Je me permet de revenir vers vous pou savoir si la version 4, qui accepteras d’autres cartes est prévu pour sortir en 2021?
    bien à vous

    (je vous cite:” changer la carte en une autre bibliothèque JavaScript, afin que les restrictions mentionnées soient supprimées. Dans mon estimation actuelle, cela devrait également supprimer la limitation d’Internet Explorer 10 , de sorte qu’il serait probablement possible de l’utiliser sous Windows XP, par exemple. GeoSetter serait alors probablement plus ouvert à de nombreuses possibilités, par exemple l’utilisation d’un service de carte installé localement, de sorte que GeoSetter pourrait être utilisé hors ligne, par exemple ….”

  18. Great job! I’ve been using Exifer, than Geosetter successfully for many years.

    1°) concerning darkened Google Map: You could mention in your popup that installing OpenStreetMap-Mapnik solves the problem. OSM appears in the map list an is not darkened
    2°)I still use Exifer for one function: “Update EXIF Image size value”; it’s useful because my photo editor sometimes doesn’t update image size properly. Could it be possible to add it to Geosetter or have you another trick to perform this operation?
    Thank you very much

  19. Although I do not use it very often I love Geosetter, thank you. The Google Map issue is irritating but the export to KMZ works perfectly with Google Earth.
    I hope your health is good and look forward to v. 4!

  20. I just noticed that there is a dropdown box to select the map type, which includes OSM. Has this always been there? It works fine!

  21. Llevo varios días sin ver los mapas, apenas me ha dado tiempo de conocer el programa, muy bueno, estuve usando antes uno de sony hasta que desapareció el mapa, cuando encontré GS se me abrió el mundo, pero poco me duro, esperemos que haya una actualización pronto.

  22. Friedman, i have my own API key but withinin the last month or so the map no longer displays :
    2/27/2022 4:38:43 PM ERROR: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101
    showMap3(2, 2, 8.6914027708, -78.1026469919, 12);

    any chance you have a solution?

  23. Hi there — on the one hand, get well if not already – on the other hand it’s obvious that this project is totally dead. So would you consider making it opensource so that other people can pick it up perhaps. It’s an extremely painful and fruitless crusade to find viable alternatives for Windows, paid or not and one has to admit that with the current version of GS it’s also a major pain in the backside to achieve anything useful. Basically it has become rather useless as Microsoft and Google have both moved on. Any chance therefore of making this opensource pls?


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